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Cheap Hawaii Vacation from Canada

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Cheap Hawaii Vacation from Canada

Cheap Vacation in Hawaii – Hawaii for less than $1,500

Flights from Canada can of course be quite different in price, depending on where we depart from. We have limited ourselves to the airports of Toronto and Vancouver, since from there most tourists start to start their vacation in Hawaii. I want to show you how you can get a cheap Hawaii vacation from Canada.

Cheap flights from Toronto and Vancouver

Flight to Hawaii

The cheapest flight from Toronto to Hawaii is $446. The flight is operated by Air Canada and you have 2 stopovers. The first stop is in Regina and takes 3 hours. From there you also fly to Vancouver and stay there for 4 hours before going to Honolulu. A flight from Vancouver costs $404, with a 1.5 hour stopover in Seattle.

Cheap Accommodation in Hawaii

If you are looking for a cheap accommodation, the many hotels are of course omitted first of all. The cheapest way to get away is to camp. Due to the always good weather in Hawaii, the island is perfect for camping. Probably the cheapest and safest campsite on Oahu is the Malaekahana Beach Campground in the north of the island and costs 9€ ($10) per night. For 2 weeks the price is $140.

Cheap Transportation in Hawaii

From your campsite you also want to be able to explore all the corners of the island. The most expensive is probably a rental car. Hawaii also offers a number of other transportation options to keep your holiday in Hawaii affordable. The bus traffic on Oahu is very well developed and goes once around the complete island.

TheBus Hawaii

A day ticket costs $5.50 and you can go anywhere with it. The buses stop really everywhere, so you have no problem getting anywhere at all. You can buy the ticket on the spot when you get on the bus. So if you take the bus every day, it will cost you a total of $77 for your 2-week vacation. I think it’s very unlikely that you really take the bus every day. But if this is the case, you can buy a monthly ticket for $70 to get off cheaper. The ticket is valid from the 1st of each month. You can buy them in various shops that are displayed on the website. In Honolulu itself the bicycle rental Biki is also a cheaper alternative. For $20 you can ride your bike for 300 minutes. You can divide the time as you like.

Cheap Shopping in Hawaii

First of all, grocery is generally very expensive in Hawaii. The supermarket Safeway is one of the cheaper supermarkets. I recommend that you create a Club Card, which you get at the checkout free of charge and without registration. This will save you a lot of money. If you like to eat lots of vegetables, you can get it very cheap in Chinatown. Nevertheless, you should plan about $150 per week for food. So $300 for two weeks.

Activities in Hawaii

When you’re in Hawaii, I don’t think you should be saving money in the wrong places. Hawaii offers you great landscapes, activities and different tours that are really unique. Hikes, beaches or sightseeing are all free of charge. But if you want to learn more about Hawaii, I recommend a guided tour. For this I recommend DanielsHawaii. With DanielsHawaii you can make a great island tour, you get lots of information and see the best spots on the island. Are you here for the whale season? Then I definitely recommend a whale-watching tour! Suppose you do an island tour and another tour. Therefore you should plan about $300 per person.


As you can see, your holiday in Hawaii doesn’t have to be expensive all the time!

Cheap Hawaii Vacation from Canada

These costs are of course only examples that I found during my research. It also depends on how many activities you want to do, or if you prefer to eat in restaurants instead of cooking, or if you want to make trips to other islands.

I’ve only given you what I think are the cheapest options, so I hope you’ve been able to get an overview of the cost of a Hawaii vacation. A cheap holiday in Hawaii in terms of flight and accommodation will save you more money for great activities and tours in Hawaii!

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