UPDATE: Coronavirus in Hawaii – Daniels Hawaii Safety Measure Learn More
UPDATE: Coronavirus in Hawaii – Daniels Hawaii Safety Measure Learn More

Flight to Hawaii – A suitable flight for every budget

One destination, many possibilities – Hawaii

Beaches in Hawaii
Beaches in Hawaii

Before you can enjoy your holiday at the beach of Hawaii, you need a flight to Hawaii. When you choose your flight, you have many options regarding the price – from cheap to very expensive. I would like to show you some results of my research, so that you can get an overview of the costs of a flight to Hawaii. Of course, the terms cheap and very expensive have a different meaning for everyone. We limit ourselves to the most important airports, from which most tourists come to Hawaii. From the mainland of the USA these are JFK, New York, and LAX ,Los Angeles. Then follows Canada with Toronto and Vancouver. Australians mostly come from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane. Furthermore price comparison sites like Momondo or Cheapflights, offer you a good opportunity to compare prices from different websites and also see price differences on different days.

How long does a flight take to Hawaii?

A direct flight from New York to Hawaii has a pure flight time of 11 hours 30 minutes. Flights from Los Angeles take 6 hours. If you are flying from Toronto to Hawaii on holiday, the flight time will also be 11 h 30 min. However, you cannot book a direct flight from Toronto to Honolulu and you will need to change flights at least once. If you’re flying to Hawaii on holiday from Vancouver, you’ll be on your way for 6 hours 30 minutes without stopping.

Flight to Hawaii - Hawaii Vacation
Flight to Hawaii – Hawaii Vacation

In addition, from Sydney there are direct flights from 10 h 10 min. to Hawaii. Even if Brisbane is not much further away, you won’t be able to fly there without a stopover and will have at least one stopover. The flight time is about 11 h 45 min. The airport Melbourne offers you again a direct flight to Honolulu with 10 h 25 min. First of all it can be said that the direct flights are usually more expensive than flights with a stopover. As a rule, the longer you travel, the cheaper the flight.

Flights from US mainland to Hawaii

A direct return flight from New York to Honolulu with Hawaiian Airlines is US-$740 in Economy Class. The cheapest flight from New York is US-$547. The travel time is 34 h and you have a 21 h 5 min stopover in Los Angeles. Both of these approximately 6 h 30 min flights are operated by Alaska Airlines. Of course there are no upper limits. Flights in Hawaiian Airlines Business Class are US-$2,215.

Flight New York – Honolulu

The cheapest non-stop flight from Los Angeles is $368. Google Flights offers you different airlines for this price. Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta, or American Airlines will take you to Hawaii in about 6 hours. The exception to this is that a stopover flight is more expensive, US-$432. There you would have a 1 h 30 min stay in Kona, which is located on the Hawaiian island Big Island. From there your flight to Honolulu will take 50 minutes. The reason for the more expensive price is probably that there is no country between Los Angeles and Honolulu where a stopover can be made. A non-stop flight makes more sense. Business Class flights are US-$1,100.

Flights from Canada to Hawaii

In my opinion, the best flight from Toronto is US-$452, which is operated by United Airlines and will take you a total of 12 hours 50 minutes. Your stopover in Chicago lasts only 1 h 25 min.

Flight to Hawaii from Vancouver, Canada

You get a slightly cheaper flight with 2 stops for US-$446. You fly with Air Canada to Regina and have a 3 h 7 min. stay there. From there it goes on to Vancouver with a waiting time of 3 h 50 min. Finally you fly on to Honolulu. The total travel time is 19 h 20 min. The best flight in American Airlines Business Class is US-$1,224 with a 1 h 52 minute stop in Dallas. In total, your trip takes 14 h 15 min.

The cheapest nonstop flight from Vancouver is US-$423 with Air Canada. The cheapest flight with a 1h 25 min stop in Seattle is US-$404 and is operated by Delta. Business Class flights are available with WestJet for US-$1,124.

Flights from Australia to Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines brings you non-stop from Sydney to Hawaii for US-$601. This flight is also the cheapest, so a stopover makes little sense. A Business Class flight is US-$2,773.

If you fly from Brisbane to Hawaii on holiday, the cheapest flight is US-$602 and is operated by Qantas. You have there a stopover in Sydney of 20 h 55 min. The total travel time is 32 h 5 min. A more comfortable flight, without such a long stay in Sydney, costs you US-$771. The stop is only 2 h and your travel time is reduced to 13 h 45 min. If you want to be luxurious, you can fly to Hawaii in Business Class for US $2,805 and have a 2 hour stop in Sydney.

Sydney to Hawaii

Last chance to come to Hawaii on holiday sit if you are flying from Melbourne. Nonstop Economy Class flights with Jetstar are US-$729. The cheapest flight with Qantas is US-$638 and you have a 21 hour stop in Sydney. The travel time is 32 hours. Business Class flights are not offered non-stop. Therefore the best one is US-$2.799, lasts 13 h 20 min and you have a stay of 1 h 45 min in Sydney.

Helicopter flights in Hawaii

Helicopter Flight Hawaii
Helicopter Flight Hawaii

Some may wonder if you can fly from island to island by helicopter. This is possible, but way more expensive than flying by plane. Furthermore you can’t fly to all islands, because the range of the helicopters is limited. Interested in a Helicopter Flight in Hawaii? Check our activity desk for more information about Helicopter Flights in Hawaii. Or call 808 797-3662


The possibilities mentioned above are of course only examples, which I found during my research. There are many more possibilities. So you got an overview about the different flight possibilities, how long you are on the way and what costs you have to expect.

When you have arrived in Hawaii we will gladly show you the islands with DanielsHawaii. We are happy to show you the best places, secret beaches, you can try local food and learn many interesting facts about Hawaii on our tours in Hawaii.

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DanielsHawaii provides Private Tours and Semi-Private Small Group Tours in Hawaii. Our experienced Tourguides will show you the REAL Hawaii.

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