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Hawaii NOT Reopening - Who's FAULT is it?

Why is Hawaii NOT reopening on August first?

The plan was to reopen Hawaii on August first. Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Tours Companies and everybody in or related to the tourism...
Reopen Hawaii - What does it mean?

Reopen Hawaii – What it really means?

Everybody is talking about the reopening of Hawaii, but what does it even mean? Does reopen Hawaii mean everything will go back...
Visit Hawaii in September 2020

Hawaii Vacation September 2020 – 3 Reasons to Visit NOW

Hawaii Vacation in September 2020 - should you go right after Hawaii reopens in September? Maybe it's better to wait a little...
Visit Hawaii in August

A Safe Hawaii Vacation

A Safe Hawaii Vacation Hawaii provides a beautiful island getaway for travellers to explore, relax, and make memories together....
Hawaii Reopening in August

Hawaii Reopening in August 2020 – Covid-19 Update June 24th

Aloha Hawaii Friends. We are working on finding out as much details as possible to let you know exactly when and how...
Quick Coronavirus Update June 8

Covid-19 Hawaii UPDATE – Reopening Hawaii Statement

Covid-19 Update with lots of information from the Governor's Desk. As announced in our last update on June 5th, Governor Ige released...