Our Vision

The owner and all of DanielsHawaii team members are passionate about Hawaii, the Hawaiian history and the beauty of the Hawaiian nature. DanielsHawaii shows our guests the beauty of Hawaii as well as raises awareness and cultivate interest in the island’s unique Hawaiian history. Our tours are more than just a bus ride around the islands; it is a personal and intimate look of our island home. Our guests experience Hawaiian hospitality, learn about Hawaiian culture and our employees live ALOHA.

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Contact DanielsHawaii Private & Semi Private Tours Hawaii, Phone: +1 808 384 0116, Mail: [email protected]

Our Mission

The companies mission is to become the most innovative Tour Company in the Hawaiian Market while educating about Hawaiian history, living ALOHA and making a positive impact on the environment through eco-tourism and sustainability.


DanielsHawaii is still at the beginning, but eager to move forward to lessen its Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint and become a sustainable tour company and offer sustainable Tours in Hawaii. This is what DanielsHawaii is doing today to help the environment, trying to be the most sustainable tour company in Hawaii. Here are 10 ways how YOU can help keep Hawaii clean and be part of sustainable tourism.

Zero Emission Tours

Sustainable Tours Hawaii
Zero Emission TESLA Sustainable Tours

We offer ZERO-Emission Tours in TESLA Vehicles. TESLA Vehicles are charged through solar panels. This fully electric vehicle is a environmental friendly way to explore the island of Oahu. It is a luxury tour vehicle that doesn’t burn fossil fuel. Since it is charged through solar panels we use renewable energy to charge the vehicle. This is how we can provide sustainable tours in Hawaii.

Boxed Water

Eliminating Plastic - Environmental Friendly Packaging
Eliminating Plastic – Environmental Friendly Packaging

Instead of water in plastic bottles,  we offer boxed water for our guests. Boxed Water is a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles. The box is made from mostly paper, a renewable resource, and it is 100% recyclable.


808 Cleanups
808 Beach Cleanups Hawaii

Our Team at Daniels Hawaii knows; YOU are visiting Hawaii because of its beautiful beaches, the turquoise ocean, the pretty flowers and the ALOHA spirit. We are happy to show you the beauty of our islands and share the ALOHA. To make sure future generations can enjoy Hawaii as much as you are today, Daniels Hawaii helps to sustain our beaches and the ocean surrounding us. 

The Ocean Cleanup
The Ocean Cleanup

We Donate 10% of our Tips!

Daniels Hawaii donates regularly to local and international non-profits. We understand that the beauty of the hawaiian islands is what brings millions of tourists here every year. We see it as our responsibility to help keep Hawaii clean.

Ocean Cleanup and 808Cleanups
Ocean Cleanup and 808Cleanups

The tour guides working Daniels Hawaii donate 10% of their tips! All our tour guides donate 10% of their tips to non-profit organizations like 808Cleanups and TheOceanCleanup.

Learn more about these projects and our donations and click on the picture to enlarge.

In the future:

  • DanielsHawaii is currently in contact with government certified non-profits. Through helping these non-profit organizations DanielsHawaii will try to eliminate its Carbon Dioxide footprint in the near future, making it truly the most environment friendly and sustainable tour company in Hawaii.


We are proud to offer our private tours and semi-private tours as well as our helicopter flights on Oahu in luxury vehicles - Mercedes, TESLA,...