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Covid-19 Quarantine Services & Incentive

In Quarantine? Let us help...

Quarantine can be hard. You are finally in Hawaii and all you want to do is get out and explore; but you can’t. Because of Covid-19, you have to quarantine for 14 days, before you are allowed to leave your hotel or apartment.

If you break quarantine, you can get fined up to $5,000 and / or face up to one year in prison! A high price to pay. Let us help make quarantine fun… well, maybe not fun, but at least bearable.

We can go shopping for you and provide you with everything important for a “fun” quarantine time. Text us what you need and we are happy to send a quote. Here is more about our quarantine services.


Contact us & Text: 808 384-0116

Quarantine Shopping Hawaii

While you are in quarantine, we can do the shopping for you!

Covid-19 Quarantine Incentive

Why an incentive and what is it?

We care about you and we care about our Hawaii community. Please follow the quarantine rules. Please help Hawaii to keep Covid in check. Help us to stay the safest state in the US. 

14 days in isolation is tough. Once you made it through, we have a special surprise for you! YOUR INCENTIVE: 25% discount on the Daniels Hawaii private tour around the island of Oahu!*

Explore the REAL Hawaii with Daniels Hawaii. Check out Waikiki, see forgotten memorials, learn where the locals hang out, see turtles on the beach, stop at the famous surf spots on the North Shore and try local food.

Enjoy a wonderful day on our 5 Star rated circle island tour. More Info about the tour!

*This offer is only for Daniels Hawaii Delivery Service clients that followed quarantine regulations

Payment Options

Cash is King, but we also accept Venmo, PayPal or CashApp.

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$1 per Mile

Need something delivered? Let us help. We only charge $1 per mile driven.

IMPORTANT: Curbside Pick Up & Delivery – We are NOT a moving company.

Fast delivery, great service and Covid-19 proof! We wear masks – not because we are ugly, but because we care about you.

Oahu Courier Service - Pick up and Delivery
Oahu Pick up & Delivery Services

What we need from you...

  • Pick Up Location
  • Drop Off Location
  • List of item(s)

What we charge...

  • Start point of all services is in Waikiki. (Location on Maps)
  • $1 per mile to get to the Pick Up Location. Curbside Pickup!
  • $1 per mile to get to the Drop Off Location. Curbside Drop Off!
  • Surcharges for bulky items or for moving items apply. Contact us and for an individual quote.
Oahu Courier Service | Pick Up and Delivery

Contact us & Text: 808 384-0116

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