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Haleiwa & Route 99

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Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu is a charming town that contains Hawaii’s rich history and local culture. Unlike the bustling Waikīkī, Haleiwa offers a relaxing escape, perfect for those seeking an authentic Hawaiian experience. In this blog post we’ll explore the history of Haleiwa and introduce you to a unique local store called ‘Route 99’ that captures the spirit of this enchanting town.


Haleiwa Town History

The origins of the town’s name can be traced back to 1865 when the Waialua Female Seminary was established there. The name Haleiwa was the name of the seminary’s dormitory. 

The term Haleiwa also holds several meanings. In Hawaiian, “hale” means house, while “iwa” translates to a bird. When these two words are combined, they lead to “house of the bird” as its meaning. However, the term “iwa” can also be associated with the poetic symbol of an attractive person. So in a figurative sense, Haleiwa could also mean “home of attractive people.

You can visit Haleiwa town on your own or join our Circle Island Tour which allows you to not only visit major North Shore highlights but also immerse yourself in Hawaii’s culture and history. 

When you join our Circle Island Tour, Haleiwa Town is undoubtedly one of the highlights you won’t want to miss. As we explore Haleiwa town we will stop by the incredible store known as ‘Route 99.‘ It’s the perfect way to take home a piece of Haleiwa’s charm and the spirit of the North Shore. 

Route 99 Store

Route 99 is a hidden gem within Haleiwa, born on the North Shore of O’ahu where Kamehameha Highway transforms into Route 99. This unique store began with just two designs at the Haleiwa Farmers Market. Over time, it has organically evolved, thanks to the input of loyal local customers and vendors.


What sets Route 99 apart is its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Each Hawaii-inspired design is painstakingly embroidered one by one on the North Shore of O’ahu. The process is meticulous, with individual caps carefully placed on embroidery machines, thread colors selected to complement each cap style, and a dedicated team ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

When you visit Haleiwa, don’t forget to explore Route 99 and discover their unique collection of Hawaii-inspired caps. 

So, why wait? Head to Haleiwa with us exploring North Shore and other Oahu’s Highlights on the way!