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Hawaii Reopening in August 2020 – Covid-19 Update June 24th

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Aloha Hawaii Friends. We are working on finding out as much details as possible to let you know exactly when Hawaii is reopening and how you are allowed to travel to Hawaii. Additionally, we put together an overview at the beginning of this article. If you like to read the notes on what the Gouverneur had to say, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Covid19 Update Video – Coming Soon!

We are working on our Update Video, which is being released tomorrow. Be the first to watch it – Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest Updates on the reopening of Hawaii!

International Travel Bubbles – Hawaii Reopening and the First Visitors

In one of the last updates, Governor Ige mentioned travel bubbles. The first ones allowed to visit Hawaii will be people living in travel bubbles. Check out this Section of the video to find out if you are living in a travel bubble and might be allowed the first to visit Hawaii.

Click the Button to find the full article and video about travel bubbles and the last update from June 19th here!

Hawaii Reopening in August – But not everybody is allowed to visit!

Why is it important for Hawaii to reopen?

  • Hawaii had lowest rate of unemployment in the USA, then jumped to second highest in the nation in just a few weeks
  • End of July most federal support will no longer be available. Businesses need to reopen and tourists have to come back.

Who is allowed to visit Hawaii starting August 1st?

  • People with a negative Covid-19 Test

How close to stepping on the plane must you have taken the Covid-19 test?

  • Test has to be taken max of 72 hours before travelling to Hawaii
  • At this time, there is no testing upon arrival for visitors!

How is Hawaii making sure that pre-tests are verified?

  • CVS National Program is discussed to put into place
  • State of Hawaii workers will verify the tests

Are you ready to visit?

Daniels Hawaii is a local tour company. We are happy to update you on the latest news about the Coronavirus. If you feel you are ready to visit Hawaii and explore the islands, please contact us and book a tour with Daniels Hawaii on Oahu, Maui or Kauai. We are looking forward to showing you the beautiful island.

Will Hawaii lock down again if the Covid-19 numbers increase?

  • Doubling in cases over 4 weeks would mean the rules would get stricter and Hawaii might close down again

Why Face Recognition at the airport? No privacy?

Face recognition will be used at the airport to scan people during the temperature scan. If somebody has a higher temperature than 104 degrees, it is important to find the person fast for further tests and the interview with health specialists. This data is only stored for 30 minutes.

Reopening Hawaii after negative Covid19-Test
Reopening Hawaii after negative Covid19-Test

When will the 14 day quarantine be lifted?

  • Once a vaccine is developed and can be distributed
  • Advances in therapeutic treatment and healthcare community can assure we can treat those with Covid-19 in a safe manner
Quarantine in Hawaii
Quarantine in Hawaii

International Travelers

Travel Bubbles are still Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia

  • Government to Government negotiations – Hawaii is part of the United States and some states on the mainland recently had a spike in cases. Government of other countries that have the United States on a list of countries with a travel warning, would have to make exceptions for Hawaii. This is being discussed, but the outcome is unclear.

Director Department of Health – Bruce Anderson

  • 16 new Covid-19 cases on June 24th
    • 2 residents coming back from Nevada and Arizona
    • 13 Oahu
    • 1 Big Island
  • Hawaii has the lowest number of cases per capita in the USA
  • Covid-19 Testing Capacity 4,000-5,000 Tests per day
    • Only using about 25% of the capacity because cases in Hawaii are low

Reopening Oahu – Mayor Kirk Caldwell

  • Need to reopen to get people back to work
    • 1.4 Million people in Hawaii
    • ~240,000 unemployed in Hawaii
    • 100,000 on Oahu

Reopening Maui – Mayor Mike Victorino

  • To keep residents safe is the first priority!
  • Maui has very few cases
  • Hawaii is considered a very safe destination and it is important to keep it that way

Rep. Scott Saiki

  • 90 million dollars for health and safety protocols for Hawaii airports
    • Thermal screening at airports
    • Web based traveller app
    • Screening and testing facilities

Sen. Ronald Kouchi – Senate President

  • Important to integrate layers of safety
  • Contact tracing very important

Lt. Gov. Josh Green

  • Pre-Arrival Testing Program starts August 1st 2020
  • Negative covid-19 pre-test = no quarantine
  • Minimize the risk of importing Covid-19
  • Masks still required
  • Social Distancing still required

Governor David Ige Update on Reopening Hawaii

  • As of today, the 14 day quarantine is still in place for everybody coming to Hawaii
    • Fine for breaking the quarantine $5,000 and / or 1 year in prison
  • It is mandatory to fill out a state of Hawaii Health Form upon arrival (or pre-arrival online)
  • Social Distancing and Face Masks still required

How to avoid the 14 day quarantine

  • August 1st Pre-travel Testing Program starts as alternative to 14 day quarantine
  • Temperature checks and screening of incoming passengers at the airport will continue 
  • More than 104 degrees not allowed to travel or have to go through further steps,
    • Interview with healthcare workers upon arrival
    • Covid-19 test will be offered if necessary