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Hawaii Vacation September 2020 – 3 Reasons to Visit NOW

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Hawaii Vacation in September 2020 – should you go right after Hawaii reopens in September? Maybe it’s better to wait a little bit? Here are some reasons to go on vacation in Hawaii in September 2020 and some that might stop you from visiting.

Why is Hawaii still closed?

The Governor decided to push back the reopening from August first to September first. More about the reasons for the new reopening date in the following blogpost.

Hawaii Vacation August 2020

3 Reasons you should visit Hawaii, NOW

The following video was filmed when the reopening was set for August. Most of the Video is still true – just exchange the word “August” for “September”. Unfortunately we did not make a new video for the “Reopening of Hawaii in September”, because it might be that the reopening will be pushed back again. It’s still a pretty good video though 😉

1. You will never see Hawaii like this again, EVER!

Before Covid-19 Hawaii had almost 250,000 tourists on any given day of the year. Especially in the summer and around christmas the islands were PACKED! Beaches were crowded, activities were sold out and at times it was a little annoying to bump into people just walking down the crowded streets. This has changed. Check out our videos of empty beaches in Hawaii during Covid-19 – BEAUTIFUL!

During Covid-19 we barely had any visitors and even right after reopening Hawaii in September, it is likely, that the number of tourists in Hawaii will not be the same right from the start. Perfect for everybody that likes to experience a less crowded and relaxed Hawaii. Expect less crowded beaches during your Hawaii Vacation in September 2020.

2. Chances of rain are very low in September says this about the temperature in Hawaii in September: It is still hot with steady temperatures at 75.2°F (24°C) at its coldest and 89.6°F (32°C) at its warmest. The amount of rain increase during the month, raining for an average of eleven days to collect at 0.6″ (15.2mm) and are usually light and don’t interfere with the warm weather. The sun shines for up to ten hours in the daytime, heating the ocean to a steady average of 80.6°F (27°C). Locals indulge more in the ocean and outdoor activities because of the manageable weather outside. The humidity score in September is 65%.

The trade winds help to cool down the air so you won’t get too hot. Also, the South Shore of Oahu has great waves. Waikiki is on the south shore of Oahu. If you are planning to stay in Waikiki during your Hawaii vacation, we highly recommend to take surf lessons.

Activities will be less crowded in September 2020

Since there won’t be as many tourists in Hawaii as usual, activities, tours and events will be less crowded than usually. Luaus, tours, surf lessons or even snorkeling at Hanauma Bay will be an even better experience than normally.

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventure
Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventure

Insider Info: We heard the reef at Hanauma Bay recovered within the past months, since there weren’t any tourists and the bay was closed. Once Hanauma Bay reopens make sure to get there to experience the beauty of the ocean and the reef… before in a few months with all the tourists coming in the reef will be mostly dead, again. It is really sad, but this will most likely be the reality.

Tour operators might be more flexible with their schedule, since there won’t be as many tourists. Maybe you can even get a special deal? If you like to go on tour, we recommend to go on a private tour for safety reasons. Daniels Hawaii is happy to show you the beauty of the islands. Please check our website for more information about private and semi-private tours on Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

Another advantage of coming to Hawaii soon after the reopening? Beaches & Tourist Attractions will be empty. Well, maybe not empty, but at least way less crowded than usual. Find out more about empty beaches in Hawaii in this article.

3. DEALS DEALS DEALS…? Hawaii on a budget

Planning to visit Hawaii on a budget? Right after the reopening of Hawaii might be a great time to get amazing deals! Hotels and Airlines play an important role in getting people to book a vacation in Hawaii. Who knows, they might keep their prices low for the first few months, just to fill up their rooms. Watch out for great deals! Follow us on Facebook. We will update you on great deals for

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Activities.

3 Reasons you shouldn’t visit Hawaii right after reopening

Yes, there are reasons why you shouldn’t visit Hawaii in September 2020. Check out the video and the blog post!

From us to You

Please be patient. Everybody in Hawaii is happy that you are here. We all are doing our very best to make this a perfect vacation for you. We are looking forward to show you the beauty of the islands. Mahalo for being our guests. ALOHA,