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A Safe Hawaii Vacation

a turtle on a beach

A Safe Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii provides a beautiful island getaway for travellers to explore, relax, and make memories together. As we all know, the world is currently experiencing a global pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean you need to put your travel plans on hold. Plan a safe Hawaii vacation: here’s how!
Safe Hawaii Vacation

A safe Hawaii vacation is vitally important for visitors who want to experience the Aloha State without worrying about contracting COVID-19. The good thing is, Hawaii has implemented measures to make sure both the state and its sightseers remain healthy. 

Prior to travelling, all new arrivals to the island must provide a negative COVID-19 test, or will need to be quarantined. This is wonderful news, because it means that travellers can begin their vacation knowing that visitors like themselves have been screened and are clean from the virus. With virus worries behind you, it’s time to relax and enjoy your trip!

Private Tours are the New Standard in Hawaii 

There are so many fantastic tours to take in Hawaii. Consider getting out in the fresh air with the Diamond Head crater hike. Or check out the Hollywood Movie Sites tour for the film buffs in your family. 

These tours can be offered privately. What does this mean for your family? A private tour is a safer option, with only your group and your driver in the same vehicle. This makes social distancing easier, since you will be surrounded by a smaller number of people. Not only that, but disinfecting wipes keep hands and surfaces safe during your sightseeing adventure. 

Your tour guide will be able to focus attention on your group in particular, answering all your questions and providing a tailored experience. Stops on the tour can be added or removed, depending on your particular interests. 

Explore Turtle Beach
Explore Turtle Beach on a safe vacation in Hawaii

A private tour keeps you sequestered from other adventure seekers from all over the world, preventing a potential exposure. If a desirable stop on your tour has many visitors at one time, your tour can adjust without the pressures of a timed group tour. Not only that, but the luxury van is an air conditioned refuge in between tour stops, rather than a bustling place packed with other visitors. 

Benefits of Private Tours

There are a few good reasons to select a private tour in Hawaii:

  • A more intimate experience means fewer hassles
  • Quality time with family and friends
  • Better group photos without strangers in the background
  • Peace of mind during your safe Hawaii vacation

Come Experience Hawaii Before the Tourists Return

Now is the time to enjoy a sparsely populated private tour in Hawaii. Enjoy the pristine beaches and mostly empty hiking trails now. This is the chance you and your family have been waiting for: a safe Hawaii vacation. Come join us– we can’t wait to welcome you. Aloha!