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Coronavirus in Hawaii – Daniels Hawaii Safety Measure


We want you to feel safe during Coronavirus and have a great time while you are on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Please feel free to call or text if you have any questions: +1 (808) 384-0116

The safety and health of our guests and our guides are most important!

Coronavirus is spreading world wide (See WHO Map). The Coronavirus in Hawaii is spreading. It is hard to find out what exactly the right actions are at the moment. As a tour operator in Hawaii we want to minimize the risk of guests infecting each other or our employees with COVID-19.

On the other hand we want to provide our services to guests that are already in Hawaii. Here are the safety measures Daniels Hawaii is taking to keep guests and employees safe.

Only Small Groups on Tour

We decided to keep our tour groups even smaller than normally!

Usually we take up to 14 guests on a semi-private tour. Since March 16, we only take up to 4 guests on our semi private tours. This gives everybody on our vehicles enough space – one bench per couple. Please feel free to check out the differences between a private and semi private tour.

Reason: We want to make sure that every guest has enough room in the van and you do NOT have to sit right next to each other.

Private Groups up to 14 are welcome

If you are travelling in a bigger group of up to 14 people, we can accommodate you. We have a spacious Mercedes Sprinter. Yes, we will accept groups up to 14 people, but ONLY if they all belong to ONE party.

Reason: This way we want to minimize the risk of spreading the the Coronavirus amongst strangers.

Disinfecting Wipes for you

a bag of luggage

We provide desinfecting wipes on board of our vehicles for you. Feel free to use the wipes to clean your hands. Every Daniels Hawaii Tour Van is sanitized after each use!

Reason: The World Health Organisation recommends to clean your hands frequently. We want you to be able to clean your hands even though you are on tour with Daniels Hawaii.

Facemasks if available

We are trying to get facemasks for our drivers AND for every guest. Unfortunately this is not an easy task. Especially the elderly and people working in hospitals need masks and have priority. We would be happy to provide masks for all our guests, but at this time it seems unrealistic. We will keep trying!

Reason: We want you to protect yourself and others from catching the Coronavirus / Covid-19.

Will Daniels Hawaii Shut Down?

We thought about shutting down Daniels Hawaii Tours & Activities completely, until there is no Coronavirus in Hawaii. It would be unfair to the people that are already in Hawaii and have booked a tour with Daniels Hawaii.

  • Yes, we will be extra careful!
  • Yes, our vans will be extra clean!
  • Yes, our guides will always keep a safe distance!

We want you to feel safe and have a great time while you are on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Please feel free to call or text if you have any questions: +1 (808) 384-0116