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Stay Healthy – 5 things to AVOID in Hawaii during Coronavirus Pandemic

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Coronavirus has spread almost worldwide. There are a few cases even in Hawaii. Some people have cancelled their trip to Hawaii, others just try to avoid large crowds to minimise the risk of getting infected with Coronavirus. If you are already in Hawaii or planning on visiting, here are…

5 things you should avoid in Hawaii during Coronavirus Pandemic.

1. Snorkeling

Well, we are not talking about not snorkelling in general, but being careful where you get your snorkel gear from. Most likely you can not get Coronavirus by looking at a fish. But maybe avoid to rent snorkel gear? Of course there are professional places where you can rent snorkel gear and it will be cleaned after each use. Still, maybe not everybody feels comfortable breathing through a snorkel that somebody else used a few minutes, hours or days ago. Get your own intead.

UPDATE 3/17/2020 – Hanauma Bay is closed until further notice because of the Coronavirus / Covid-19.

Recommendation: Buy your own snorkel gear or your own mask and snorkel and just rent the fins. 

2. Maybe try to avoid Buffets

Some of the things experts recommend is not to touch your face and wash your hands frequently. If you take advantage of a buffet you might run into the following situation:

Someone might have forgotten to wash their hands before they walk to the buffet and fill their plate with food. Worst case scenario, they sneezed next to the food. 

Now you walk up to the buffet and fill your plate with the same utensils this person used. You walk back to your table, start eating and maybe touch your face wiping your mouth. 

We don’t want to freak you out, but this is probably how easy it is to catch the Coronavirus at a buffet.

Recommendation: Maybe stay away from buffets for a few weeks and eat a la carte. 

Want to enjoy a Luau in Hawaii?

Most Luau’s in Hawaii serve the food buffet style. We received news from Ka’Moana Luau, they will have servers with gloves fill your plate at the buffet. This way the guests don’t have to touch the silverware – SMART!

Want to go to the Ka’Moana Luau? Tickets start at $99.

3. Big Motor Coach Tours

Sport events are cancelled, events with more than a few hundred people are not happening, experts recommend to bump elbows instead of shaking hands. You follow all the advice and then you hop on a big bus with about 50 people you don’t know, sitting next to each other on a very limited spaced motor coach.

If this is something you don’t feel comfortable with, feel free to contact us and we can arrange a small group island tour or even a private tour for you. +1 (808) 384-0116

Recommendation: Daniels Hawaii will give a special discount during the Corona Outbreak to make small group tours and private tours affordable for everybody. Use the Discount Code “CoronaFree” during booking and get a HUGE discount. We are looking forward to showing you the beauty of the islands. Go to DanielsHawaii – Tours & Activities

4. Dinner Cruises

Cruise ship companies are probably taking the biggest hit during the Coronavirus Pandemic. So flying to Hawaii and then hopping onboard a ship with hundreds of people to watch the sunset, while enjoying food of a dinner buffet, might not be the greatest idea.

However, there are dinner cruises on smaller vessels with lesser people in Hawaii. On most of the small sailboats you sit on deck, open air. The boat is still big enough to avoid standing or sitting next to people you want to avoid. 

If they have a dinner buffet on board… well, please see headline 2 in this article.

Recommendation: Based on the fact that you should avoid large crowds in small rooms a cruise on a full ship, even if it’s just for sunset and dinner, might not be the best idea. One option could be to book on a smaller, open boat with no food. However, if you want to go on a bigger ship you still can. Usually there is an outside deck and since the ship is bigger you should have enough space to get away from the pack. Maybe just don’t eat at the buffet.

5. Museums

Hawaii has some amazing museums. The Bishop museum is one of the great museums in Hawaii. There are other museums, including the museums at Pearl Harbor. But is it safe to visit a museum during the Coronavirus Pandemic? 

A good way of finding out if it is safe to visit a museum is to check the location out on Google. Check the pictures of the location to see if it is spacious enough so you could avoid crowds if necessary. 

Also a great gimmick on Google – scroll down the result page and check the graphic on the right  showing “Popular Times”. You can avoid a large number of people in the museum, if you don’t go during peak hours.

Recommendation: Visit the museum of your choice during an unpopular time. Check google to see the peak hours of a museum during the week and the day and avoid them. Or learn something by yourself:

Things to AVOID in Hawaii

There are probably a few more things experts might tell you to avoid. These 5 things to avoid in Hawaii during the Coronavirus Pandemic were the ones that made the most sense to us, based on what experts say “NOT” to do at the moment. ImportantWe here at Daniels Hawaii do not claim to be experts when it comes to the Coronavirus. The recommendations in this article are only based on common sense and the advice and recommendations from the media.

Daniels Hawaii Tours during Coronavirus Pandemic

Our guests safety and health is most important. We implemented certain safety measures that will help you to enjoy our tours. We want to keep the risk of getting infected very low. Please check the Daniels Hawaii Safety Measures during Coronavirus Pandemic.

Interested in Tours & Activities while you’re in Hawaii? Check out our website: Daniels Hawaii Tours & Activities in Hawaii

or call us: +1 (808) 384-0116

Disclaimer: This article was not written by a doctor or Coronavirus expert. Some of the medical information in this article might not be accurate. The knowledge about the Coronavirus reflected in this article is based on online research and news. Of course we are not liable by any means if you read this article, take part in an activity and (God forbid) catch the virus somehow. We think this is common sense… but then again, during a time of an international pandemic some people might lose common sense 🙂 Stay Healthy! Much Aloha, Daniels Hawaii