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5 things to do in Hawaii regardless of Coronavirus


Luckily most of the things to do in Hawaii are outdoors. This means the chances of catching the Coronavirus in Hawaii are actually smaller than at a lot of other destinations.

The Coronavirus is officially a pandemic. It has spread around the world and yes, there are a few cases in Hawaii (2 confirmed cases as of 3/12/2020). Some of you might want to cancel their vacation in Hawaii, others want to enjoy paradise. For the latter we at Daniels Hawaii gathered ideas of 5 things to do in Hawaii regardless of Coronavirus Pandemic.

1. Beach Days

Beaches in Hawaii
Beaches in Hawaii

Enjoy a beautiful and relaxing day at one of Hawaii’s amazing beaches. Buy a cooler, get some cold drinks, ice and some snacks. The beaches in Hawaii are big enough so you don’t have to lay too close to the next person. And just in case it gets crowded at one of the beaches… Hawaii has more than 100 beaches, we are sure you will find a spot on one of them. 

Need an overview of beaches on Oahu? Come on private or semi-private small group tour with Daniels Hawaii – our guides are happy to show you some of the most beautiful and most popular beaches on Oahu.

2. Hiking & Walking

Climb high mountains, hike to waterfalls in Hawaii or walk along one of the beautiful beaches in Hawaii. Hawaii has many great hiking trails. It doesn’t matter if you are a skilled hiker or a first timer, Hawaii offers trails for everyone. But have good hiking trainers!

A good start in the day might be Diamond Head. Enjoy a beautiful view from the top of this 200,000-300,000 year old crater. You can walk from your Hotel in Waikiki to the entrance of Diamond Head and then start your ~40 minute hike to the top. Another option is to rent one of the bicycles called Biki to get there. The park opens at 6am and closes at 6pm. We recommend going in the morning, since it tends to get very hot inside the crater during the day. 

Like to know why the crater is called Diamond Head? Come on island tour with Daniels Hawaii and we are happy to tell you all about this crater near Waikiki. 

3. Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for surfing. Being in or on the water is a great way to spend your time in Hawaii. You are outdoors, in the sun and most likely never really close to other surfers. You rather want to watch? Here is a list of surf competitions in Hawaii

North Shore Oahu Tour
North Shore Oahu Tour

Interested in Surf lessons? Check out these offers for surf lessons in Hawaii:

Surf Lessons Oahu – Starting at $40

Surf Lessons Maui – Starts at $95

Surf Lessons Kauai – Starts at $85

4. Pearl Harbor Visit – Is it safe to visit Pearl Harbor?

UPDATE 03/16/2020 – Pearl Harbor is closed until further notice. Please visit the website of the National Park Service for details and updates about the closing / reopening of Pearl Harbor.

Even though Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction in Hawaii and Coronavirus experts recommend to avoid crowds, Pearl Harbor is still worth a visit. The facilities are open, and spacious, meaning you can avoid large numbers of people. Try to walk through the museums during a time that is not as busy. Usually it gets less crowded after 2pm. If you are an early riser you can go as early as 7am to avoid the long lines and crowds at Pearl Harbor.

Attention: The big tour busses dropping off hundreds of people usually get there around 7-8am. This means it gets crowded. Try to beat the crowd and get there before them or after they left. 

Travelling to Pearl Harbor on a big coach motorbus or getting to Pearl Harbor on public transportation might not be ideal at the moment. After all one of the main advice a lot of experts give these days is to avoid large crowds in small spaces. It is an awkward combination if you try to avoid small rooms with a lot of people and therefore decide to visit Pearl Harbor, but you get there on a crowded bus.
How to avoid long lines at Pearl Harbor…

What about visiting the USS Missouri, USS Bowfin and Aviation Museum? More about the other museums and if it is safe to visit them in this article – “Is it safe to visit Pearl Harbor during Coronavirus Pandemic?”

Feel free to watch our video “How to avoid long lines at Pearl Harbor and get tickets FAST”.

5. Small Group Tour or Private Island Tour

UPDATE 03/17/2020 – Daniels Hawaii has taken action. We are still running tours, but have implemented safety measures to keep our guests and guides safe.

Please check our Safety Measures during Coronavirus.

Most people know by now, events with large crowds and generally a lot of people in a small space help to spread the Coronavirus. Think about taking a tour around the island in a smaller group instead of travelling with a large group of people. Maybe even consider a private tour to avoid any contact with people you don’t know?

Lets just say, experts probably wouldn’t recommend travelling a whole day with a lot of people in a bus. Therefore a better way to explore Hawaii might be to take a private or a semi-private small group tour. At least you know the people around you. Find out if a private or a small group tour is better for you. Here is a comparison of private and semi-private small group tours.

Private Tour Oahu
Private Tour Oahu

Daniels Hawaii offers special discounts to make private and semi-private tours affordable for everyone. Please check the DanielsHawaii Tours & Activities website for private and semi-private small group tours. Use the Discount Code “CoronaFree” during booking to get a HUGE discount and affordable access to private and semi-private small group tours.

5 Thing to do in Hawaii regardless of Coronavirus

Things to do in Hawaii Regardless of Coronavirus
Things to do in Hawaii Regardless of Coronavirus

We hope these 5 ideas of things to in Hawaii regardless of the Coronavirus Pandemic helped to fill your vacation schedule. Need more ideas? Check out our activity website.

Or call us to find out more about our private and semi private tours on Oahu, Maui and Kauai.

We are happy to help! +1 (808) 384-0116

Disclaimer: This article was not written by a doctor or Coronavirus expert. Some of the medical information in this article might not be accurate. The knowledge about the Coronavirus reflected in this article is based on online research and news. Of course we are not liable by any means if you read this article, take part in an activity and (God forbid) catch the virus somehow. We think this is common sense… but then again, during a time of an international pandemic some people might lose common sense 🙂 Stay Healthy! Much Aloha, Daniels Hawaii