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Enjoy Hawaii from Home – Coronavirus Hawaii Special

a sign on a beach

Coronavirus Hawaii Special… What’s that? Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who couldn’t go on your Hawaii Vacation in 2020? Maybe you would be sitting on a beautiful beach in Hawaii right now, if it wasn’t for Coronavirus in Hawaii?

Enjoy Hawaii from Home – Coronavirus Hawaii Special

Coronavirus Hawaii

Even though the numbers of Coronavirus infections is relatively low, people are not allowed to visit Hawaii at the moment. Tourism will slowly come back to the islands at some point, but for now it is important that nobody visits and everybody stays home. Let us all work together and get through this together.

Let us, bring Hawaii to YOU

We can only imagine how disappointing it must have been to cancel your trip to Hawaii. Maybe you wanted to visit Hawaii for a family reunion, maybe you wanted to get married in Hawaii or it was a long planned trip. Daniels Hawaii wants to help!

a beach next to a body of water

Together with some of the best Drone Pilots in Hawaii, Daniels Hawaii brings Hawaii to you. Our Coronavirus Hawaii Special is a list of Drone Videos, shot by some of the best drone pilots in Hawaii. We put together this list of beautiful drone footage of Hawaii. Maybe you get the chance to be our guest on tour with Daniels Hawaii? On tour with Daniels Hawaii you can opt-in for a Drone Souvenir Video. This way you can enjoy Hawaii and yourself on tour over and over again, even when you’re back home.

Sharing ALOHA

While it might take a while until you can travel to Hawaii, we like to share our ALOHA with you, now. Enjoy our Hawaii videos. Beautiful beaches, amazing lookouts, surfer and even turtles – all filmed by some of the most talented drone pilots in Hawaii. Interested in more drone footage and updates from Hawaii? Check out our Daniels Hawaii Facebook Page and our Hawaii Vacation Planning Group.

Explore from your home some of The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches on Amazon. So you will know wher to travel after lockdown ends.