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Waimanalo Beach – Voted Best Beach in the USA

a beach next to a body of water

Waimanalo Beach was voted “The Best Beach In The USA”. It is definitely worth a visit during your vacation in Hawaii! Here are some interesting facts and information about Waimanalo Beach, the best beach in the USA. Read about best beaches in the USA here.

The Location

Waimanalo Beach is about a 40 minute drive from Waikiki. If you like to enjoy a day at a beach that is less crowded then the beaches around Waikiki, Waimanalo is worth the drive. You can park at the Waimanalo Camp site or at the bach park. Wherever you park, make sure to take a look around. Waimanalo is on the east side of the island, right behind the mountains. The lush green mountains are beautiful. Enjoy a walk through “Sherwood Forest”. That’s the pine tree forest next to the beach. Waimanalo truly is a piece of paradise. You will pass by this gorgeous beach on your circle island tour with Daniels Hawaii. Lean back and relax while exploring the REAL Hawaii! Let your tour guide show you some of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu.

Endless White Sand Beach in Hawaii
Endless White Sand Beach in Hawaii

The Beach

Waimanalo is the longest stretch of beach on Oahu. With more than 3 miles, this white sand beach seems endless. The waves here never get really big. Therefore it is a perfect beach for families with kids. The older generation can enjoy a cold drink on the beach while the kids are playing in the water.

Beach Activities

Since the beach is wide and long, there is plenty of space for beach activities. Bring a frisbee, a football or any other game you like to play in the sun. Since you are at the beach we recommend bringing a body board or just a float to enjoy the ocean. If you have room for a paddle board in or on your car, bring it! There are no places to rent any gear, so you have to bring everything.

Relaxing at Waimanalo Beach
Relaxing at Waimanalo Beach

Waimanalo Beach is the Best Beach in America

If you follow Dr. Beach, you will see he voted Waimanalo Beach to be the best beach in the USA. Dr. Beach checks 50(!) criteria at each beach, such as sand softness, water color, smell, beach access and many more. In 2015 all criteria taken into consideration made Waimanalo Beach the best in America. In 2019 Kailua Beach was voted the best beach in the USA. If you want to explore some of the most beautiful beaches during your vacation in Hawaii, come on tour with Daniels Hawaii. We are happy to show you some of the most beautiful and some of the most popular beaches in Hawaii.