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The Blue Room on Kauai

a pool next to a body of water

On the north coast of Kauai there is a cave famous for its blue glowing interior. The Blue Room on Kauai is another name for Waikapalae Cave. Let’s talk about this special place and whether it is worth visiting during your stay on The Garden Island.

To get there, head northwest from Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park. Take Hwy 560 E from Hāʻena State Park about 8 minutes down the road. Park your car after mile marker 10 and travel by foot to walk to the third cave you see.

Waikapalae wet cave
Waikapalae wet cave

Exploring Waikapalae Cave

The Blue Room is the third cave on the short hike from the overflow parking area for Ke’e Beach. When conditions are right, the back side of this cave offers a luminous blue light. Although some say cave conditions have changed with the water level and the cave is not as blue as it once was, others say that high tide and the sun shining from north of Ha’ena State Park is the best time to observe the phenomenon.

The cave is not officially open for swimmers.

Is The Blue Room on Kauai Safe?

You may have some questions about visiting The Blue Room on Kauai. For example, is this cave safe? The truth is, there are some dangers here. The water inside the cave is cold because its source is an underwater spring. Due to the higher pH in cave water, the bacterium Leptospira can be present, which can infect visitors and lead to kidney disease, respiratory distress, meningitis, and more. However, as long as you don’t swim with open wounds or drink any of the cave water, you shouldn’t encounter this bacterium.

Finally, depending on how high the tide is, there may be a rock wall that visitors will need to swim under to see the blue room. This can be dangerous for poor swimmers or for those who are easily disoriented. Drownings have happened here.

The Myth of Waikapalae Cave

Hawaiian legend holds that mo’o are shapeshifting spirits. Some say that a female mo’o lives in Waikapalae Cave. Apparently, this spirit does not have good intentions, and legend states that she would comb her hair at the at the cave opening to lure in male passers-by. This shapeshifting spirit is said to be responsible for the death of a local chief, as well as several other men who were enticed by her beauty and followed her to their doom.

The Blue Room on Kauai is a mysterious cave shrouded in dark myth and tales of danger— both literal and fantastical. While some don’t believe the cave shines as brightly blue as it once did, others believe the luminescence is still present in the right conditions. Some even believe this cave is home to a malevolent spirit. Whatever you think about this cave, it is certainly an interesting landmark that helps Kauai retain her wild charm.

The Blue Room is aptly named.
The Blue Room is aptly named.