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Colors of Hawaiian Islands

a rainbow over a body of water with a mountain in the background

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Hawaii? Long sandy beaches, great waves for surfing, sea turtles, tropical flowers or perhaps a rainbow? It wouldn’t be Hawaii without rainbows. So yes, Hawaii is the land of colors. But did you know that each Hawaiian island has its own official color?

All eight Hawaiian islands have their own unique color. They were assigned to them according to the color of the flowers growing on each islet the most. Colorful Hawaiian islands are just like a rainbow across a quiet Pacific Ocean.

The Big Island

The Big Island is best known for its volcanic activity and the creator of all the Hawaiian Islands, the fire goddess Pele. That’s why its official color is red. But there are also bright red flowers growing in the tropical rainforest. You’ll find the fiery red bushes of the Big Island’s Ohia-Lehua almost everywhere in the wild nature.


Oahu is home to more than a million people and also to the golden yellow flower Ilima. Unassuming at first glance, but with great significance. In the Hawaiian Islands, it symbolizes love. It’s no coincidence that you’ll find it in the heart of Oahu, in Waikiki.


Maui, also known as “The Valley Isle”, in addition to green pastures, boasts Hawaiian roses. However, you won’t find it by the name rose in Hawaii – they call it Lokelani. It has a bold pink colour and a distinctive scent. Thanks to Lokelani, the Hawaiian island of Maui has officially the pink color.


Kauai is not called the Garden Island for nothing. It’s the wettest and greenest of all the Hawaiian islands. So it would seem that its color would be a deep green. But that is not the case. Kauai got its purple color because of the anise-scented Mokihana Berry that grows here.


This is the place you will find raw nature of Hawaii without disturbing hotels and beton streets. Molokai is one of the Hawaiian islands that stayed mostly green. And that´s why its color is green. Molokai has long rolling green hills and its flower is the white Pua Kukui Nut blossom with sage-colored leaves. Explore Molokai with us from above in a helicopter!


Lanai is an orange island. And it’s not only about the official color of this Hawaiian island. It’s real. The plant that grows everywhere here and stretches all along the shoreline is the Kaunaoa. It grows on the ground shining orange, all along the beaches. You can explore Lanai’s coral reefs with us – find the link here.


It is a very small place. A piece of heaven with nothing. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US Army used the island for bombing practice until 1990. After that, the island was gradually cleared and replanted with greenery. Now Kahoolawe has a grey colour thanks to the beautiful Hinahina Plant.


Niihau is the “Forbidden Island”. This Hawaiian island is not open to the public. Only relatives, residents or owners are allowed to come by invitation. Its color is white because of the color of the coveted Ni’ihau shell. Leis made from these shells sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars apiece.

Explore Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island and more with us!