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Hawaiian Language

The Hawaiian Language | 27 Easy Hawaiian Words to learn

The Hawaiian Language Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of America since Aug 1959, and also...
Wailua River State Park contains several sacred Hawaiian temples. Travel pono means being respectful of these cultural landmarks.

Travel Pono and Respect Sacred Places

"Travel pono" means more than just taking care of the local flora and fauna, and staying safe while you visit. This phrase,...
Kaneana Cave on Oahu

Kaneana Cave on Oahu

This rock marks the location of Kaneana Cave Kaneana cave on Oahu is the site of one of...
The fish hook symbol brings good luck to those who wear it

What Does the Fish Hook Symbolize?

What Does the Fish Hook Symbolize? One of the most recognizable and iconic symbols in Polynesian culture is the...
Farmers Market on Oahu

Fresh and Fun: The Farmers Market on Oahu

Fresh produce at fair prices, supporting local businesses, and meeting friendly, smiling people: what’s not to love about shopping at a farmers...

Polynesian Cultural Center

https://youtu.be/BdMoZoVH8PA Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is located...