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Hawaii Ghost Tours | Perfect Halloween Experience

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At first glance, Hawaii is not a place one would think of as haunted. Rather, it’ s the beauty that one sees here that gives you goosebumps. The sunny Waikiki, the richly colourful underwater world and the green mountains all around only add to it. But the reality of the locals’ stories is different. You’re more likely to find fearsome supernatural forces in paradise than in any other place. And when better time to take the Hawaii Ghost Tour than during the scariest time of the year? This might be the perfect Halloween experience.

Hawaii Ghost Tours, Halloween
Supernatural Hawaii

Hawaiian Ghost & Mythology Stories

What is it that makes the Hawaiian Islands truly full of the supernatural? A mix of ancient Hawaiian mythology with imported legends and rituals from the many ethnic groups that have made Hawaii their home. Also travelers’ stories, has done its part. You may encounter references to the fire goddess Pele, who rules the Big Island and, according to local mythology, was at the creation of all the islands. As well as the haunted restless souls of the deceased servicemen patrolling the area of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. That’s why you’ll find a large variety of Hawaii Ghost Tours here.

Goddess Pele

Ghost Tours in Hawaii for you

You can go on a Ghost Tour on almost any of the Hawaiian Islands. Because the ground is haunted everywhere here. Plus, the Ghost Tours are happening year-round. Although at the perfect time to celebrate the supernatural, Halloween, you’re probably most likely to encounter ghosts. Or maybe you’ll at least feel more immersed in the whole spooky process…


On Oahu you can attend Hawaii Ghost Tour with Lopaka Kapanui, Hawaii’s famous Ghost Guy, seen on YouTube, Haunted Towns, Dead Files, Spooked, and Very Superstitious on Hawaii’s only locally-owned ghost tour company! Also on Oahu, you’ll find one of the most haunted places in the entire United States called the Haunted Plantation (click here for more information). Walking Ghost Tours of Lahaina are very popular on Maui. The Big Island offers the Hilo Ghost Tour, among others. On Kauai, you can go ghost hunting in the haunted Waimea area. Find all Hawaii Ghost Tours above!
Hawaii Ghost Story with Lopaka Kapanui