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Top 5 Activities in Hawaii

a flock of seagulls are swimming in the water

Hawaii is a truly paradise for people with any travel preferences. Don’t want just spend your entire vacation at the beach? We got you covered! Here is an abundance of fun things to do for Casual Explorers, Water Explorers and of course Extreme Explorers. Whether you are flying to Hawaii for the first time or you are an experienced Hawaii traveler, you will find these activities enjoyable and exciting! Learn more about the top 5 activities in Hawaii below.

Are you a Water/Extreme Explorer? Then consider the following activities while in Hawaii. Snorkeling, Surfing, and Shark Diving will be unforgettable and breathtaking experiences, indeed. It doesn’t matter which island you choose, if you’re snorkeling, surfing or diving in Hawaii, you will absolutely enjoy your adventure. 

Top 5 Activities in Hawaii
Shark Diving


Hawaii is one of the best destinations to go snorkeling due to the protected marine areas surrounding the islands. You can see fish, turtles, monk seals, dolphins and more. If you love seeing fish up close and personal while immersing yourself in the deep, then finding the best snorkeling in Hawaii is going to be on your bucket list!

Top 5 activities in Hawaii
The Best Snorkeling in Hawaii


Looking for an experience in Hawaii that you will never forget? Then take a surf lesson! It is an unbelievable feeling when you catch your first wave. And the experienced local instructors on Oahu will provide the best instruction possible and make sure you have a positive surfing experience. Almost every island offers surfing lessons where you can learn the basics of the sport. However, Waikīkī Beach is still one of the best spots in Hawaiʻi to get on your feet and ride your first wave.

Shark Diving

It is more than just an adventure! Can you imagine yourself in the open ocean world full of sharks? Sounds scary right? But no panic, a very important part of shark diving is education. You will be provided with safety instruction before you get into the water. Moreover, you will be presented with fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior.

There are multiple companies on Oahu offering Shark Dives. Some of the companies that offer shark dives use cages, others don’t. 

Helicopter Flight

Helicopter flight is another amazing activity for Hawaii Explorers. Since it is a great option to enjoy the beauty of the islands from a bird’s eye view. This is the perfect adventure for everybody. See the blue waters, giant waterfalls, green valleys and amazing mountains as you fly over Hawaii Islands in a safe and luxurious helicopter. Here is the list of some of the best helicopter flights in Hawaii:

Helicopter flight Hawaii
Helicopter Flight Hawaii


Luaus is the ideal choice for casual Hawaii culture and beauty explorers. Visiting Oahu you should make sure to enjoy a Hawaiian Luau. Some Luaus are better for families, others better for couples and romance. Whatever Luau you decide to visit on Oahu, make sure to enjoy, lean back and learn about Hawaiian culture. Here is the list of the best Luaus on Oahu

If you are interested in any of those activities call us +1 808 400 4481 to get more information or/and book a private tour with DanielsHawaii including one or several of the Top 5 Activities in Hawaii.