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Yoga in Hawaii: Island Enlightenment

a small boat in a body of water with a city in the background

People come to Hawaii for many different reasons. Some want to get away from it all, while others want to “find themselves”. Still others are looking for a spiritual awakening. No matter what your interests are, yoga in Hawaii can help you on your enlightenment journey. 

Centering and breathing can improve your island experience.
Taking time to center and breathe in Hawaii

You will find many different types of yoga at a variety of locations on every island. You may be on Kauai or Maui, the Big Island or Oahu. But you will encounter communities ready to welcome and encourage you as you seek physical and mental wellness.

Let’s take a look at a few of the many fine options to choose from.

Vinyasa Yoga by the Ocean

Perhaps you have just begun to look into yoga as a form of exercise, or you are an experienced practitioner. Either way, consider power vinyasa yoga. This strenuous and relaxing hour long practice will work your core and move you seamlessly from one yoga pose to another. You’ll increase your heart rate, finding a relaxing and centering experience. Let your breath lead you as you listen to the sounds of the ocean waves meeting the shore.

Your workout will be followed by savasana, as you concentrate on each area of your body and relax your muscles while focusing on your breathing. 

At $20, this is one of the more affordable ways to enjoy yoga in Hawaii, engaging students of all levels and providing an enjoyable practice under palm trees.

Paddle Board Yoga in Hawaii

Stand up paddle boarding is a fun, relaxing way to get moving while maintaining balance and tasting the salty ocean air. Yoga gets your body moving while filling your lungs and bringing you into harmony with nature. 

What better way to take advantage of your stay on Oahu than to join a yoga class offered *on* a paddle board! You’ll be stretching and centering while also floating along in the Pacific Ocean. 

This class brings a lighthearted approach to exercise, encouraging participants to get playful and try new things. If that means falling in the water once or twice, enjoy it! 

You’ll end your practice with savasana, enjoying the peaceful flow of ocean ripples as you float the day away. 

Exercise your Body and Mind

Yoga in Hawaii connects visitors with themselves and the island.
Yoga in Hawaii provides a peaceful island experience

Hawaii offers many ways to reconnect with nature and explore your inner landscape. There’s no better way to step out of your comfort zone than to let earth and water in and breathe through a nice, meditative yoga session.

Not in Hawaii, yet?

Maybe you haven’t made it to Hawaii, yet. In our Hawaii YouTube Channel you can find perfect Yoga Videos. Listen to the Ocean Sounds on Hawaii while doing Yoga at home. Relax, meditate and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii in your own home, no matter where you are! Here are Yoga Videos to meditate, relax and enjoy!

No time to wait? Start right away with this 10 minute video of Beach and Ocean Sounds from the beautiful North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii!