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Lifeguards in Hawaii

Lifeguards in Hawaii

A vacation in Hawaii is carefree fun. You can spend your whole days in the hot sun, with sandy toes, fooling around...
Swimming shoes are what to pack for a beach day in Hawaii

What to Pack for a Beach Day in Hawaii

Most visitors to Hawaii want to spend at least some time enjoying the beach. Whether you're hoping to swim, surf, or just...
Enjoy the sunset and yoga in Hawaii

Yoga in Hawaii: Island Enlightenment

People come to Hawaii for many different reasons. Some want to get away from it all, while others want to “find themselves”....
Beaches Hawaii

Empty Beaches on Oahu – Well, at least less crowded – Top Picks

Empty Beaches on Oahu are hard to find. Oahu is the epicenter of tourism in Hawaii. Especially during peak season it can...