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COVID-19 in Hawaii September 2021

Hawaiian flag and mask

While many of us are weary of pandemic-related news, it’s important to keep tabs on infection rates and hospital admissions during the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the news about COVID-19 in Hawaii for September 2021 is not looking good. With hospital admissions up and community spread on the rise, visitors should keep an eye out for the latest information so they can travel safely on the islands.

The State of Hospitals in Hawaii

Due to the influx of coronavirus cases, The Queen’s Hospital System in Hawaii has declared a state of emergency. A triage tent has been set up at the West Oahu location to help manage COVID-19 patient intake. A high numbers of patients are presenting to hospitals with coronavirus symptoms. For this reason, more than 70 hospital workers are being brought in from outside Hawaii to help.

Only one hospital on the islands has run out of beds so far. Still, medical facilities are delaying non-essential medical procedures because the healthcare system across Hawaii is under strain.

Are There Travel Restrictions for COVID-19 in Hawaii September 2021?

Hawall allows vaccinated travelers without restriction. Unvaccinated visitors must present a negative COVID-19 test to visit the state or quarantine for 10 days. Hawaiian governor David Ige has said that this standard is unlikely to change, despite the rise in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. However, if the rate of infection continues to increase, it is possible the state will shut down to visitors once again.

What Can Travelers Do to Stay Safe?

Some visitors are opting to postpone their travel to another time. Others plan to wear masks and practice social distancing when they visit the islands. To avoid crowds, consider visiting beaches during non-peak hours and planning private tours rather than larger group tours. Enjoy restaurant take out meals in secluded areas around the islands rather than among other diners.

If you enjoy hiking, getting out in the open and visiting Haleakala Volcano on Maui or Nāpau Crater in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island are great activities where you can stay distant from others and enjoy what Hawaii has to offer.

You can stay distant from other patrons doing stand up paddle-board yoga. You and your family can see where filming for Jurassic Park occurred, or visit the best beaches on Oahu on a private tour.

Vacation Now? COVID-19 in Hawaii September 2021

Every family needs to decide for themselves whether now is a good time to vacation in Hawaii. COVID-19 in Hawaii September 2021 can put a damper on your trip, but careful planning can protect you and keep you safe while still having fun.