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Trustworthy Hawaii COVID-19 Sources

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Important Update 02/08/2022: 

Governor David Ige made a few announcements today. The first being that Hawaii’s Safe Travels program will continue unchanged at this time. The second is that domestic travelers will not be required to include proof of COVID-19 booster shots. 


Individuals who received their primary COVID-19 vaccination series 14 days prior to arrival, or those who provide an acceptable negative pre-travel test, will continue to be exempt from the mandatory five-day quarantine.

The mandatory Safe Travels program remains in place for individuals traveling from the U.S. mainland and it’s territories to Hawaii. Travelers are considered up to date on the 14th day for vaccines that require two shots or for vaccines that require only one shot.
The vaccination record must be uploaded to the Safe Travels website prior to departure at

Travelers who arrive without proof of vaccination or an acceptable negative pre-travel test result will be subject to a mandatory five-day quarantine!

This does not apply to passengers arriving directly from an international destination, as the federal requirements for entry into the United States remain in place.

For more information about the State of Hawaii’s Safe Travels program and what you need to know before boarding your flight, read the information below!

Important Update 01/18/2022

The US government makes FREE RAPID COVID Tests available to American households. Starting January 19th, the government accepts orders for free rapid tests. The FREE Covid Test package includes 4 test kits. Once ordered, you will receive the Covid test kits within 7 to 12 days. The free Covid-19 test kit is great for everybody planning to travel to Hawaii. To make sure that you are able to visit Hawaii, test yourself at home prior to visiting. Especially with the fast spreading Covid-19 Omicron variant regular testing is important. TEST & STAY SAFE. Please click the link to order your FREE COVID TESTING KIT.

Order Free Covid-19 Test Kit

As the pandemic landscape changes, it’s important to know the best places to find accurate and updated information. You’ll want to know about the latest case information, travel restrictions, and coronavirus updates. Unfortunately, there are plenty of places online that may sound official, but that can mislead locals and travelers alike. That’s why we are putting together the most trustworthy Hawaii COVID-19 sources.

Whether you live in Hawaii or you’re planning to vacation on the islands, you’ll need to know what is happening in order to make the most of your time in the Aloha State.

Vaccine and Test Requirements: Safe Access Oahu

Coronavirus vaccines

The Safe Access Oahu Program begins September 13, 2021. At this time, patrons of restaurants, gyms, and indoor entertainment within Oahu must show vaccination status or provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. The best place to learn more about these safety regulations is the website If you are over 12 years old and have not been vaccinated or cannot provide a negative COVID-19 test, then you won’t be allowed in.

Other islands may decide to enact similar rules in the future. Consequently, you’ll want to check the Hawaii Tourism Authority as one of the trustworthy Hawaii COVID-19 sources for updates on these changes. Travelers can check here for the latest information on what is required to travel to the islands.

Trustworthy Hawaii COVID-19 Sources for Case Information

If you would like to view a daily updated view of coronavirus infections by island, navigate to the Hawaiian dashboard. Take a look at the specific island you want to know about. Also, you can switch between different views to determine percent positivity rates for the past seven days and infection rates by zip code.

For a national view at Hawaii’s case information, navigate to COVID-19 Health Data. In addition to daily case information, you’ll learn about hospital usage, daily deaths, and reported mask use in the state.

Reliable Social Media Sources

Trustworthy Hawaii Covid19 Sources
There are a few trustworthy Hawaii Covid19 sources from social media: official government accounts

Government officials can provide updated information about pandemic related policy changes and recommended safety protocols. Hawaiian Governor David Ige’s official account is here and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green’s account is here. These two resources can announce upcoming changes and recommendations in real time.

We don’t recommend learning coronavirus information from unofficial places such as social media or unverified blog posts. These sources can mislead, spreading rumors that prevent residents and visitors from making the most informed choices throughout the pandemic.