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The west coast of Oahu – important information Oahu’s Westside

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The beautiful west coast of Oahu – All important information about vacation on the westside of Oahu.

Tourism is Hawaii’s biggest industry. Every year there are more than 10 Million people visiting the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The island of Oahu is one of Hawaii’s most visited islands. This is mainly because the big international airport and the famous city of Waikiki is located on the island. But also the North Shore of Oahu is well known for its high waves and surfers. If you want to explore the beautiful island of Oahu, go on tour with Daniels Hawaii. Explore the South, the East and the North of Oahu on a 6-7 hour luxury island tour.

West Coast of Oahu – LIVE from Mermaid Caves

West Coast of Oahu

But what about the west coast of the island? The west coast of Oahu is not very populated and only little developed for tourism. You find beautiful nature on this side of the island and less tourists. The beaches on the westside of Oahu are amazing. Once you leave the resort area Ko’olina, you will meet mostly locals.

Hotels in Ko’olina on Oahu

The westside has only very few hotels, some time share and vacation rentals. The hotels on the westside of Oahu are all located in the same area, called Ko’olina. The three largest hotels on Oahu’s west coast are the Four Seasons, the Marriott and the Aulani Disney Resort.

Disney Aulani on the West Coast of Oahu
Disney Aulani on the West Coast of Oahu

The hotels are all about 45 minutes by car from the airport or Honolulu, but during rush hour, the drive can take up to two hours. The rush hour times are in the morning from 6pm-9am and in the afternoon from 3:30pm-6:30pm. It’s the best to avoid the Highway at these times.

Another important point is that you are “trapped” without a car on the west coast, due to the restricted public transportation system. Of course the hotels and resorts on the westside of Oahu know that and therefore you have to expect very high prices, for everything!

Is the West Coast of Oahu worth a visit?

The west coast of Oahu is amazing. There are beautiful beaches with lagoons that are really nice for swimming. It is not too crowded on the west coast as there aren’t that many tourists there. Most of the tourists that stay in one of the hotels on the westside stay in the resort area. There is a lot to do on the westside of Oahu.

Activities on the west coast of Oahu

Dolphin swim at Electric Beach

Want to swim with Dolphins in Hawaii? On the westside of Oahu there are Dolphin Tour operators. After being picked up in Waikiki, hop on a Catamaran on the westside of Oahu. After about a 15 minute cruise to the Dolphin Spot, you put on snorkel and fins and get in the water. Swim in the crystal clear water until you see the dolphins and enjoy to watch them in their natural habitat.


The West Coast of Oahu has some pretty amazing surf spots. Usually they are less crowded than the ones on the south shore or the north shore. Please be respectful to the locals and learn about the surf etiquette before you surf on the westside of Oahu. Make sure to pick the right surf spot!

Mermaid Caves

Amazing caves on the West Coast of Oahu. Swim into one of the so called Mermaid Caves on Oahu’s westside. Please be careful! If the tide is high and the waves are big do NOT swim into the cave. You don’t want to get trapped there.

Paradise Cove Luau – Best Luau of the island!

One of the things to do in Hawaii is to visit a Luau. The west coast of Oahu offes one of the best Luaus in Hawaii. Paradise Cove Luau is highly rated! Enjoy a delicious buffet. The traditional Kalua pork comes from the hawaiian Imu. The imu is an underground oven. The meat is tender and juicy – MUST TRY! Try different hawaiian foods while watching the Hula show on stage. Interested in tickets to the Paradise Cove Luau?

Island Tours starting on the Westside of Oahu

Many tour companies don’t pick you up on the westside of Oahu. Daniels Hawaii is different – Book one of our private tours and we are happy to pick up at your Hotel on the Westside of Oahu. Book a private island tour with us today and chose “Pickup Westside” and name the Hotel you are staying at. We are happy to pick you up on the Westside of Oahu for a small surcharge.

Caution: Rumors about the West Coast of Oahu!

You hear or read in some tourist forums, that you shouldn’t go to the west coast as a white person, because there are many locals and that they don’t like whites or strangers. Don’t worry: this is only a rumor and it’s not true! It’s true that many locals live on the west side, but they’re not against other cultures or white people. Hawaii is a big melting pot where many different cultures from many different countries live. You should always treat all cultures and the locals with respect and then you won’t get into any trouble.