Reef Dive Oahu

A Reef Dive on Oahu is a great way to explore the vibrant coral reefs and the incredible marine life that calls them home. From colorful fish and sea turtles to majestic manta rays and even the occasional shark, you never know what you might encounter on a Reef Boat Dive. Hawaii is home to an incredibly diverse array of marine life, and Reef Boat Dives offers you the chance to see it up close and personal. From colorful tropical fish to majestic sea turtles, manta rays, and even sharks, the underwater world is full of wonder and excitement. Whether you are an experienced diver or a first-time visitor to the underwater world, there is something for everyone. 

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Beginner/Refresher Oahu Reef Dive

2 Tank Shallow Reef Boat Dives - Waikiki

As many as a two dozen green sea turtles can been seen together here. Take a knee and watch one of the busiest turtle cleaning stations on the island. Several at a time gather to have their shells cleaned by tangs, wrasses and other fish. The turtles are used to divers, so getting a photo with one is usually easy. Don’t touch though, these guys are protected by law.

Beginner/Refresher Dive - Waikiki Reefs

Whether this is your first time experiencing SCUBA, your an uncertified diver, or it’s just been awhile, this is the perfect choice for you! Our experienced, professionally certified PADI Instructors will guide you through your first breaths underwater, or reintroduce to your passion. With a maximum depth of 40 feet/12 meters, and a very small ratio of 4 divers per Instructor, you will be personally supervised under the safest conditions. This dive program is designed to take you through the necessary steps and includes.

Whale Watching Maui Lahaina

Beginner/Refresher Dive - North Shore Lava Tubes

Whether this is your first time experiencing SCUBA, you’re an uncertified diver, or it’s just been a while, this is the perfect choice for you! Our experienced, professionally certified PADI instructors will guide you through your first breaths underwater, or reintroduce you to your passion.  Don’t worry, you’ll still get to see all the amazing marine life our island has to offer.

Coral Reef Dives

Whether you love longer dive times or have recently earned your diving certification, you’ll appreciate our late morning trip to two shallow reefs. Photographers seeking more natural light revel in the picture perfect settings of this tour. We’ll dive down about 40 feet, where you’ll find tons of reef fish endemic to Hawaii, eels, octopuses, turtles, rays, even sharks! If you’re not certified, join our Basic Diver program, where you’ll learn the basics of diving before an instructor takes you out in the ocean.

Deep and Shallow Dive

Tailored for more experienced divers, our deep and shallow dive will take you to the some of the best sites off the coast of Oahu. We usually start with a 100-foot plunge to a shipwreck. Because the wrecks are significantly further from shore, we often see more pelagic fish, turtles, and sharks. The second dive is usually a reef around 40-60′ deep depending on where we feel like going. With an experienced enough group, we’re able to guide you to more adventurous areas of the underwater world. These are fun dives for certified divers, we have the freedom to choose the best sites that match what you want to go see.

Two Tank Dive Reef Explorer

Join us aboard our private vessel, the “Diamond T,” or the Diamond T 2. As we conduct daily SCUBA diving charters to explore the underwater world surrounding Honolulu! We lead dive tours in small groups so you can dive with confidence and make a few new friends while you’re at it! Explore two of Oahu’s most beautiful reefs! While this dive package accommodates divers of all levels, it is ideal for Open Water Divers as you will not exceed a depth of 60 feet. Shallower dives make for long dive times, so slow down and take it all in. Build your confidence as a diver as you swim alongside turtles, reef fish, and much more!

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Best Pearl Harbor Tour Oahu

Pearl Harbor, USS Arizona
& Iolani Palace

Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction in Hawaii. Learn about the attack in the museums before you take the boat ride over to the USS Arizona memorial.

Private Custom Oahu Island Tour

Explore the beautiful Island of Oahu on a PRIVATE Tour. Spacious Vehicle and a Private Guide will make this day Perfect!

Small Group Island & North Shore Tour Oahu

Small Group Tours for the Hawaii Explorer. More than 30 Spots and 10 Stops on this 5 Star Rated Oahu Circle Island Tour.

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