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Snuba Diving Hawaii

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Things to do in Hawaii – Snuba Diving Hawaii

Snuba is a combination of snorkeling and scuba diving and one of today’s most unique water sports. When you are visiting, you definitely have to explore snuba diving in Hawaii. It gives you a whole new perspective of the Hawaii underwater world. If you don’t want to go under water, you can just go snorkel in Hawaii on some of the great spots around the islands. Or if you need the extra KICK… Swim with Sharks in Hawaii! Maybe you feel even more comfortable going on a Snorkel Tour?

Snuba Diving Hawaii
Snuba Diving Hawaii

See turtles, fish, octopus and maybe even dolphins on your Snuba Dive in Hawaii. The beautiful ocean in Hawaii is a great spot to see all kinds of underwater wildlife. Did you know that Hawaii has some of the best Snorkel spots in the world?

Where does Snuba Diving come from?

California diver Michael Stafford invented this sport in the late 80s. He thought people who like snorkeling, also want to dive a little bit deeper into the ocean without an air tank attached to their back.

Snuba diving doesn’t require an air tank because snuba uses an underwater breathing system which means a boat or raft carries your air supply. You are connected to the raft via a hose that allows you to dive down approximately 20 feet (6 meters) without coming up to the surface for air. 

Snuba also does not require any diving certification or previous snorkeling or diving experience and is therefore perfect for couples and families with kids. However, children have to be at least eight years old to participate and must be able to swim. They also have to wear a specially designed floatation vest. 

Snuba Diving in Hawaii

A trained and certified snuba guide will be with you throughout the entire tour. You also have to participate in a 15-minute safety lesson to understand how to use your air regulator before jumping off the boat. 

All equipment such as diving goggles, fins etc. are provided. You only need to bring your swimsuit and a towel. Snuba diving in Hawaii starts at $60 for kids and is $119 for adults. Snuba is definitely a great way to enjoy the amazing underwater world in Hawaii!