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Oahu Shark Diving

a group of fish in the water

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking to check something off your bucket list in Hawaii? We have good news for you… You couldn’t have picked a better place! If the next dream of yours is diving with sharks in the real raw nature, the deep ocean surrounding Oahu is just here for you. Ultimate adrenaline rush will turn into one of the most peaceful and breathtaking experiences of your life. That’s Oahu shark diving.

Cage Diving Oahu

If you want to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat, but can’t imagine going into water with them just like that. Go cage diving instead! With the right professionals cage shark diving is completely safe. They know predators behavior, and the underwater cage provides proven safety against all different species of sharks. On Oahu you are most likely to meet galapagos sharks, white or black tip sharks, but you may also bump into hammerhead shark or even tiger shark. Oahu cage shark diving gives you the opportunity to see the ocean’s top predators up close without questioning your safety. Some companies even allow you the option of just viewing from the boat. But still, Oahu shark diving will be an activity you’ll never forget.

Oahu Cage-free Shark Diving
Oahu Cage-free Shark Diving

Cage-free Diving Oahu

This one’s for the real ones. If you are not too scared (but everyone is a little scared – that’s the point!) go cage-free shark diving! This experience will last you a lifetime. And it’s worth every dollar if you do a good research before. (Read our previous shark diving review.) With good company and a bit of luck, you’ll have the chance to really dive up close and personal with these amazing animals.

With Deep Blue Eco Tours all the thrill-seeking, nature-loving travelers won’t be desappointed. The starting point is at the Haleiwa Harbor on Oahu’s North Shore, and after short boat ride, you’ll reach the middle of the ocean. During the entire Oahu shark diving experience, qualified marine biologists will provide you with personalized attention. With them, this activity won’t only be adrenaline-pumping, but also educational and stunningly peaceful. Dive with snorkels but without barriers, so you can feel fully immersed in the experience.

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Let us know your thoughts on this life-changing adventure in our open Facebook Group. Other activities we recommend doing on Oahu for you, are definitely sky-diving or a door off helicopter flight! Also, make sure to check out our Ultimate Oahu Adventure Package.