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Dolphins on Oahu

a man riding a wave on a surf board on a body of water

When you think of Hawaii, several images can come to your mind. For example volcanic mountains, big waves, Hula dance, rainbow and a bright orange sunset over a peaceful beach. You might also imagine interaction with benevolent dolphins as you swim, surf, or snorkel in the Aloha Land. If you want to see this creature in wild Hawaii is one of the best palaces for it. In the article, you can find everything you need to know about encountering dolphins on Oahu.

There are different kinds of dolphins on Oahu: Spinner, Bottlenose, Spotted and Rough-toothed dolphins. If you want to see dolphins you can easily do that all year round. We believe that dolphins should be viewed only in the wild-not in captivity and Oahu is a perfect place for it! It is an unforgettable feeling to see a dolphin up close in its natural habitat.

a man riding a wave on top of a body of water

When and Where to See Dolphins on Oahu

Dolphins can mainly be found on the west side of Oahu all the way from Yokohama Bay to Waianae. Dolphins are permanent residents of the seas they inhabit, meaning that there is a high chance you can observe them year-round, you just need to be patient. With a good pair of binoculars, you can see spinner dolphins from shore as they leap and twirl before settling down for their daily nap.

The best places to see dolphins on Oahu from the Shore:

Dolphins are most active at the crack of dawn, between 10 am and noon, and from 2 pm till dusk.

Dolphins Watch Tours 

If you want to be guaranteed a dolphin encounter then book a dolphin watch tour!

There are some tours on Oahu that offer dolphin watching. You can observe them in their natural Hawaiian habitat. On such tours, you can likewise enjoy a snorkeling session with Hawaiian sea turtles and tropical fish. Read more and book the Dolphin Watch Tour (Lunch Included) Turtle Snorkel, Fun Ocean Activities & Hula Dance here.

Dolphins in Waikiki

If you are staying in Waikiki during you Hawaii vacation, you can go on a glass bottom boat cruise and see dolphins. Of course there is never a guarantee, but chances are you might see a pod of dolphins. The dolphins come to Waikiki and sleep there. It’s too far to swim out to the dolphins, but on the glass bottom boat you get there easily. Fun fact: Some of the glass bottom boats in Waikiki allow you to bring drinks aboard. So it’s a family friendly and adult friendly activity.

Swimming with Dolphins 

Oahu is one of the world’s few true year-round destinations. As far as swimming with these creatures goes, the water is cooler and rougher between November and March, so experienced swimmers and surfers prefer this time of year. For most tourists, the ideal time for encountering dolphins in the water would be from April to November. One of the best spots to swim with dolphins is on the West Coastline of Ohu

You can discover the beauty of Oahu’s coastal scenery—and spot its marine life, including pods of dolphins—on this half-day swimming and snorkeling boat tour. Following pickup from your hotel, head to your catamaran and hop aboard. After you set sail, embark on a swimming or snorkeling session to see fish, octopuses, and more wildlife in its natural habitat. Book the top-rated Swimming with Dolphins Tour on Ohu here.

a group of fish in the water