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3 Favorite Things About Hawaiian Culture

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U25eCZNbjA&feature=youtu.be Hawaiian Culture is romantic, beautiful and teaches us a lot. Hawaiian culture has a unique and...

Visit Pearl Harbor

https://youtu.be/QVo2osLcFVI Visit Pearl Harbor while you are in Hawaii! Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction in...

Beautiful North Maui

https://youtu.be/Ybii0-APfAI Tourists, visiting Maui, usually stay in Kihei (South) or Kaanapali (West) with its world-famous paradise beaches...

The west coast of Oahu – important information Oahu’s Westside

https://youtu.be/bOOH1_VZylE The beautiful west coast of Oahu – All important information about vacation on the westside of...
Napali Coast West Kauai

Beautiful West Kauai – Highlights

https://youtu.be/mPnpYTzC4wY Beautiful West Kauai Most of West Kauai can’t be explored by car,...

Empty Waikiki Beach – Coronavirus or just early?

https://youtu.be/WBHomULLSKE An Empty Waikiki Beach is actually unheard of. Waikiki Beach is probably the most visited beach...
Things to AVOID in Hawaii because of Coronavirusvideo

Stay Healthy – 5 things to AVOID in Hawaii during Coronavirus Pandemic

Things to AVOID in Hawaii because of Coronavirus Coronavirus has spread almost worldwide. There are a few cases...

Coronavirus in Hawaii – Daniels Hawaii Safety Measure

https://youtu.be/tXQxfaosyXs The safety and health of our guests and our guides are most important!
Things to do in Hawaii Regardless of Coronavirusvideo

5 things to do in Hawaii regardless of Coronavirus

https://youtu.be/gYJANYrI8cM Luckily most of the things to do in Hawaii are outdoors. This means the chances of...

Is it safe to visit Pearl Harbor during Coronavirus Pandemic?

https://youtu.be/JneaX_va2Ek Already in Hawaii and want to explore some of the sights? Is it safe to visit...