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Hawaii Vacation Cost


It is essential to consider how much a trip to Hawaii would cost before planning a vacation in paradise. Hawaii is a costly place to travel indeed. However, the price can significantly vary from person to person and group to group. A couple of honeymooners looking for luxury will need a very different budget from a solo backpacker prepared for van life or hostels. In this article, we will provide the Hawaii vacation cost for the average traveler. 

Here are the things to consider for your Hawaii vacation cost:


The time of the year, the group size, the location, the hotel type, and the duration of the stay will determine the cost. You should plan to spend around $250-$350 per day on a hotel room for 2 people in Hawaii. A small tip from us-choose the hotel with breakfast including; that may save you some money since dining in Hawaii is one of the biggest expenses. Hotel rooms in Hawaii are typically the cheapest from September through mid-December.

Vacation Hawaii Cost
Royal Hawaiian Resort

Looking for the Hotel in Waikiki directly on the beach? Read our article ‘Waikiki Hotels on the Beach: Peace and Play in Paradise’. 


The easiest way to save money on a Hawaii vacation is the same way you would at home; by cutting back on restaurants and dining out. However, in order to fully immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture you need to try local food, which you can find in luxurious restaurants as well as in local food trucks. The choice is yours whether to spend $20 or $150 on a meal in Hawaii. The Hawaii food you must try can be found in our article here.

Generally speaking, consider $80-$100 per person for food in Hawaii. 


The price varies from $200 to $800 depending on where you are flying from and how long in advance you purchase tickets. The best airlines to choose from: 

1. Hawaiian Airlines

2. Alaska Airlines

3. American Airlines

4. United Airlines

5. Allegiant

6. WestJet

Flights to Hawaii can be up to $175 cheaper in January or February than during the typical high season.

Tours & Activities

The great amount of money you could spend on tours and activities. But what can be better to spend money on rather than adventures and memorable experiences?

Vacation Hawaii Cost
Kauai Air Tours 

There are so many amazing tours and activities in Hawaii: Helicopter Flights, Surf Lessons, Circle Island and Pearl Harbor Tours, Luaus, Snorkelling, Kualoa Ranch Adventures, and much more. The options can be overwhelming, but we got you covered! DanielsHawaii offers a variety of tours and activities for any budget, group, and interests. We are happy to help create the itinerary for the Hawaii vacation so that you see and experience the most for your budget. 

Most of the tours begin in the $100-$150 per person range. Our private tours start from $99 per person.

Car Rental / Transportation

Unless you don’t plan on leaving your beachside resort, you will absolutely want a rental car to get around Hawaii or if you want to lay back and relax take a guided tour with the transportation.

Public transportation exists, but it is not very timely. Rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are also available but can be expensive.

Surprisingly, rental cars in Hawaii are one of the cheapest budget items. If you are not traveling in peak season, prices can be as low as $30-$35/day, which is awesome.

Let’s summarize:

2 people traveling to Hawaii for 7 days will spend:

Accommodation: $1800

Meals: $1100

Flights: $800

Tours & Activities: $1100

Car Rental / Transportation: $400

Total: $5200