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Top 3 Shave Ice Spots on Oahu

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Is your holiday on Oahu really hot and you’re dying to cool down? Maybe you’d like to indulge in something very icy and deliciously sweet at the same time. If “ice cream” was the first thing that came to mind, you’re completely wrong! In Hawaii, the number one icy and sweet treat is only Shave Ice. “Shave ice” is an icy dessert made by shaving an ice cube and flavoring it with syrup and other sweet ingredients. We’ve compiled a list of Top 3 Shave Ice Spots on Oahu!

Matsumoto’s Shave Ice Spot on the North Shore of Oahu

The most famous and most popular place to sample the original Shave Ice on Oahu you can find on the North Shore. Matsumoto’s Shave Ice location is right in the heart of the historic town of Haleiwa, which is known for its surfer cool vibe. Originally a small family business, it has grown into a top spot favored by tourists. Now, on a warm sunny day, the store produces over 1,000 shave ice. Everyday, locals and different people from around the world come in for a cool treat. Come and get a taste for yourself.

Location: 66-111 Kamehameha Hwy #605, Haleiwa

Price range: starting at $3.50

Island Vintage Shave Ice

Another top spot to enjoy an icy refreshment is at one of the branches of the popular Island Vintage chain. Here you can choose from a wide range of tropical fruit combinations. Island Vintage Shave Ice on Oahu offers handmade Shave Ice using fresh local fruit. Stay cool and sample their Hawaiian Rainbow mix. You’ll find their location in the middle of Waikiki, so don’t hesitate. Get in line and enjoy this Hawaiian goodness right on the beach in the warm sun.

Location: 2201 Kalākaua Ave Kiosk B-1, Honolulu

Price range: $7 regular size, $10 Signature Shave Ice Bowl

Top Shave Ice Spots on Oahu
Top 3 Shave Ice Spots on Oahu

Waiola Shave Ice Local’s Spot on Oahu

Last but not least from our Top 3 Shave Ice Spots on Oahu: local’s fave in Honolulu, is definitely Waiola Shave Ice. This place has been serving aloha in a cup since the 1940s. Plus, in 2022, it received a special award as Hawaii’s Best Shave Ice. So we couldn’t miss this spot in our selection. For a great price, you’ll find yourself in a tropical paradise. Waiola Shave Ice is known for its soft, pillowy ice and a list of flavors and toppings that span five menu boards, that make it hard to choose just one. And that’s not the only reason you’ll want to come back again and again…

Location: 2135 Waiola St, Honolulu

Price range: $3-6 each