Christmas Season in Hawaii – What to Expect

Christmas in Hawaii is a fun and wonderful time that many locals and tourists look forward to every year. Putting their unique Hawaiian twist to this traditional holiday makes for an exciting way of celebrating it. There are several things you should know about the Christmas season in Hawaii.  

The weather in Hawaii in Winter

Winter in Hawaii begins in November and ends in April, with average temperatures at sea level sitting at around 78 degrees F. If you are planning to spend the winter holidays in Hawaii you should be aware of the rains and flash floods.

Hawaii Rainfall by Month

December is considering the rainy season here. However, even on a rainy winter day, you’ll always find some sunshine at some portion of your island. Moreover, the rain is warm and pleasant and after you will always get a picturesque rainbow

During winter vacation in Hawaii be aware of the flash floods! Check our blog post about flash floods in Hawaii and what to expect when it heavy rains. If rain catches you off guard during your long-awaited vacation – no worries we got you covered!

What to Do on a Rainy Day 

Here are plenty of things to do during rainy days in Hawaii. One of the best things to do in Hawaii when it rains – visits museums and galleries. And fortunately, Hawaii’s rich culture and history provide a vast number of different places to visit when it’s raining. 

Oʻahu is home to some of Hawaii’s largest and most extensive museums. We recommend exploring the history and culture of Oahu with these tours and activities:

Bishop Museum is the biggest museum in Hawaii, boasts the world’s largest collection of Polynesian artifacts and natural specimens. 

Iolani Palace was the official residence of the Hawaiian Kingdoms. Iolani Palace is a living restoration of a proud Hawaiian national identity and is recognized as the spiritual and physical multicultural epicenter of Hawaii.

Kakaako is the burgeoning arts center of Honolulu, featuring various murals adorning every block.

Honolulu Museum of Arts is a unique place about art, history, culture, and education located in the heart of Honolulu.

Pearl Harbor Tour is a must-visit when you travel to Hawaii and are interested in American history. DanielsHawaii has done a lot of Pearl Harbor Tours in the rain. The exhibitions at Pearl Harbor (the museums and the movie about the attack) are indoors. So rain should not ruin your visit of this historical place.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Memorial

Reasons to Visit Hawaii during Winter Holidays

Honolulu City Lights

Honolulu City Lights will be back in full this year on Oahu. This amazing festive installation of holiday displays in downtown Honolulu. There is food and fun for kids of all ages. This annual tradition is a perfect way to feel the spirit of the season if you are spending it on the island of Oahu. In past years, more than 75,000 people gather for opening night. Along with Honolulu City Lights, Kapolei City Lights returns at the Kapolei Hale as well. The fun begins with the holiday parade and block party on Dec. 10. For more details, click here.


In terms of visiting waterfalls,  winter would be definitely the best season to see them. In winter, Hawaii waterfalls are bigger, fuller, and much more impressive. Since some waterfalls totally dry up when it’s summer season but turn into gushers when it rains! Tropical rain also can feel warm and soothing, the perfect relief from the hot sun. And, as we already mentioned you can’t get rainbows without rain! We see rainbows here in Hawaii all the time, much more than on the mainland, but of course, it has to rain first!

Surf Competition

Winter is a surf season in Hawaii for professional and expert surfers who like to experience epic waves rolling into shore! Hawaiian winter is the best time when waves can swell up to 30 feet high, which can produce dangerous but also exciting surfing opportunities! You can observe the giant waves from the North Shore of Oahu during Christmas Season in Hawaii. Here are the updated schedule of the North Shore Oahu Surf Contests to Watch in winter 2022/2023. 

Christmas in Hawaii – hat to Expect
North Shore Oahu Surf Contest

Whale season

The Christmas season in Hawaii means whale-watching season! Whale watching is from December through March, making your holiday vacation even more exciting! 

One of the easiest and most spectacular ways to see the whales is to join a boat tour. Tours are a fascinating experience and allow you to see the humpbacks from very close by. Next to see the whales, you might also see dolphins, turtles, or maybe even whale sharks!



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DanielsHawaii provides Private Tours and Semi-Private Small Group Tours in Hawaii. Our experienced Tourguides will show you the REAL Hawaii.


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