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Maui Whale Watching From a Kayak

a whale swimming under water

Whale season is finally here! During the winter months in Hawaii, from December to April, whales migrate through the warm Hawaiian waters, giving you a unique opportunity to watch them. You can spot them from land or take a whale watching cruise. However, for all those who love crazy ideas, we have one more recommendation: go whale watching from a kayak on Maui!

Humpback whales

The humpback whale is definitely one of the most interesting animals on our planet. It is the largest mammal living in the water. They can grow up to 17 metres long, with females usually larger than males, and weigh up to 30 tonnes. Although such a monstrous creature may seem dangerous, humpback whales are actually unconflicted and friendly. They have no teeth and feed mainly on plankton. They migrate to the Hawaiian Islands in the winter months to give birth. The males sing songs during this mating season to attract potential mates. In addition, humpback whales are very playful, so whale watchinch from a kayak on Maui is really worthwhile.

Maui whale watching from a kayak

Boomkanani will take you whale watching in the middle of the ocean circling Maui by kayak! And believe me, this is an absolutely amazing experience! Not only do you get to watch the whales, you get to see them super close. And it’s actually almost scary, when you see them below your kayak. Only then you will realize how massive these humpback whales are. It is a great adventure and definitely gets your adrenaline going. So if you don’t know what to add to your Adrenaline Junkie Bucket List, check this out.

Maui Whale Watching Tours

Another option for whale watching on Maui is to take a boat tour. From Lahaina Harbor in West Maui, multiple boats depart offering whale watching tours. These tours tend to be cheaper than Maui whale watching from a kayak. But, while they won’t guarantee you as intimate an encounter with these unique animals as from a kayak, they are still an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.