Activities Hawaii – Things to do in Hawaii

Activities Hawaii – Things To Do in Hawaii

Activities Hawaii - DanielsHawaii
Activities Hawaii – DanielsHawaii

You are planning your vacation in Hawaii but you are not sure what things to do? There are lots of different things to do in Hawaii. We will try to give you an overview of the  different activities in Hawaii. Every Island in Hawaii has different activities and things to do.

Cultural Activities Hawaii

One of the best things to do in Hawaii is a Luau. This traditional Hawaiian Party was held by Kings and Queens back in the day. A Luau is a festivity where a whole pig is roasted in an underground oven – the Imu.

Luaus Today

Hawaiian families to this day have a Luau for special festivities such as birth of a child, big birthday celebrations, weddings in Hawaii and many other occasions. As a tourist the chances that you will be invited to such a private event are small, but you can experience a Luau in Hawaii that are created as a tourist attraction.

Paradise Cove Luau Hawaii

There are Luaus on every Island in Hawaii. One of the most popular and the highest rated Luau on Oahu is the Paradise Cove Luau. Paradise Cove Luau Tickets. The PAradise Cove Luau is on the Westside of Oahu. There is a bus shuttle available to Paradise Cove Luau for a small surcharge.

If you don’t want to take the bus ride to the Luau on the westside of Oahu you can make a reservation for a Luau in Waikiki. The Diamond Head Luau at the Waikiki Aquarium is a Luau that is close to Waikiki so you don’t have to take a bus to ge to the location. The Diamond Head Luau is conveniently located about 15 minute walk from east Waikiki. Tickets for the Diamond Head Luau

Feel free to check out the other Luaus on Oahu such as Chiefs Luau. The Polynesian Cultural Center Luau is followed by the biggest Polynesian Show in the world – Ha, Breath of Life. If you are interested in the different cultures in polynesia, a great thing to do is a visit of the Polynesian Cultural Center. Tickets to Polynesian Cultural Center

Learn more about Hawaiian culture and history in these books – link here.

Interested in a Luau in Hawaii? Click the links and find tickets to Luaus on Maui, Big Island and Oahu.

Oahu Luau Tickets

Maui Luau Tickets

Big Island Hawaii Luau Tickets

Adrenaline Activities Hawaii

More of a adrenaline junkie? If you are looking for activities in Hawaii that will make your adrenaline kick in… we have just the right things for you! Diving with sharks, Skydiving in Hawaii, Helicopter flights without doors, Parasailing or Zipline in Hawaii?

Skydiving in Hawaii

Skydiving in Hawaii
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Skydiving is one of the most incredible things to do in Hawaii. Choose if your tandem jump is from 10,000ft or 14,000ft. The jump will only last a few minutes but you will remember this adrenaline rush for the rest of your life. Skydiving Hawaii is one of the most popular places to do a tandem skydive in Hawaii. Click and make your reservation for Skydiving Hawaii.

Zipline Hawaii

Want to Zipline in Hawaii? Zipline in Hawaii is one of the Things to do on every island. It doesn’t matter if you are on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or the Big Island, you can zipline on every island in Hawaii.

Oahu has FIVE Ziplines – Check them out and get your tickets to the Oahu Zipline here!

Maui has FOUR Ziplines – Check out the Maui Zipline and get your tickets here!

Big Island has a 2 mile long Zipline. Check out the Zipline on Hawaii, the Big Island.

Kauai has a sunset and NIGHT Zipline! Here are the Kauai Zipline tickets.

Helicopter Flight Hawaii

Interested to see Hawaii from above? Book a helicopter flight in Hawaii to experience the beauty of the islands. Every island in Hawaii has helicopter flight operators. One of the best things to do in Hawaii is to explore the island on the ground with a sightseeing tour, before you check it out from a helicopter.

Pearl HarborThere are different operators on every island. Smaller helicopters have the advantage that they have all window seats, whereas companies that have bigger helicopters are usually cheaper but you might end up with a middle seat. From a middle seat in a helicopter it is not as easy to take great pictures as it is from a window seat.

A helicopter flight on Oahu is a great way to see either parts of the island or the whole island. There are helicopter flights as short as 20 minutes on Oahu – however, we do not recommend those. You need at least 30 minutes to get an impression of Oahu from the helicopter. If you want the full experience you should always go with the 60 minute helicopter flight. This way you get to see the North Shore of Oahu, the waterfalls, Jurassic Park Valley and Pearl Harbor.

Check out the different helicopter flights on Oahu. For a REAL AMAZING experience on a Oahu Helicopter Flight we recommend to fly with 808Airmen & DanielsHawaii luxury helicopter. You can call us for reservations: +1 808 384 0116

Find Helicopter Flights on Maui here.

A helicopter flight over Kauai is the best thing to do on this island!

A helicopter flight on Big Island takes you over the active volcano – AMAZING!

SightSeeing Activities Hawaii

Tours in Hawaii are probably the most common things to do in Hawaii. It is always a good idea to get an overview of the island you are visiting before getting a rental car in Hawaii and start exploring on your own. There are many tours in Hawaii. You can choose to go on a big bus tour with more than 30 or sometimes even 60 people… or you choose a private or semi private tour in Hawaii.

Tour on Oahu – Small Group & Luxury Tour Oahu

DanielsHawaii offers small group tours in Hawaii. With max 7 passengers per tour the luxury tours of DanielsHawaii are ideal to get a first impression of the island. Explore THE REAL HAWAII with our luxury fun tours on Oahu, Maui & Kauai.

5 STAR Rated Hawaii Tour

DanielsHawaii Private Tours Oahu have a 5 Star rating on TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide and Facebook. DanielsHawaii tour guides are well trained and experienced. Lean back and enjoy a wonderful day on our circle island tours in Hawaii.

Private Tours Hawaii

Private Tour Hawaii TESLA
Private Tour Hawaii TESLA

The private tours with DanielsHawaii are a luxury way to explore the islands. You can go your own speed. Our experienced tour guide will take you to your most desired spots on the island. You can customize your tour on the fly or just let us choose the stops on your private tour. Whatever you decide to to, you will have an amazing day!

You can decide to have a beach day on the North Shore of Oahu or spend a day watching the Body Boarders on the South Shore. We can help you to find a nice restaurant to have lunch or take you skydiving up on the North Shore. You are interested in going on a movie tour on the Kualoa Ranch? Let us help you to get the tickets and we integrate the stop at the Kualoa Ranch in the itinerary of you private tour.

Sustainable Tours Hawaii

If you want something really special you can decide to have your private tour in a TESLA SUV – one of the most beautiful cars in the world. One of the best things about the TESLA is that it has ZERO Emission. We are the only tour company in Hawaii offering ZERO Emission Tours. Ride in a luxury TESLA and enjoy the beauty of Oahu in a beautiful car.

Possible Stops on the Private Tour Oahu

Some of the stops we offer on our regular tour and on our private tour are:

  • Waikiki Secret Beach
  • Exclusive Stop: World War I Memorial
  • Diamond Head Beach Lookout
  • Hawaii Five-0 Movie Spots
  • Exclusive Stop: Koko Head Lookout
  • Halona Blowhole
  • Eternity Beach
  • Whale watching at Makapu’u Lookout (during season)
  • Movie Spot: 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore
  • Macadamia Nut Farm – Free Coffee & Macadamia Nuts
  • North Shore Beach Sunset
  • Turtle Beach Laniakea
  • Haleiwa Town Shopping
  • Dole Plantation
  • Pearl Harbor

Interested in a small group tour or private tour in Hawaii? Contact us: +1 808 384-0116

Or book your private tour or semi-private tour online!

Things to do in Hawaii

There are a lot of things to do in Hawaii. Let us help you to pick the best activities in Hawaii. Lets make your Hawaii Vacation the best vacation in your life! Contact DanielsHawaii on Facebook or call us +1 808 384 0116 and we will help you to find the perfect ideas for your Hawaii vacation.

Check out our Video with the TOP 15 things to do in Hawaii:



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DanielsHawaii provides Private Tours and Semi-Private Small Group Tours in Hawaii. Our experienced Tourguides will show you the REAL Hawaii.


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DanielsHawaii provides Private Tours and Semi-Private Small Group Tours in Hawaii. Our experienced Tourguides will show you the REAL Hawaii.


Questions & Reservations?

Please call or text +1 (808) 400-4481 
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