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Looking for a Hawaii Documentary on YouTube? Here are Five!

Na Pali Hawaii documentary

If you’re looking for a Hawaii documentary, there are plenty to choose from. For example, do you want to learn more about the history and culture of the island chain? Documentaries can help. In addition, you’ll find educational and visually pleasing material as you learn about Hawaii.

Volcanic Origins

Firstly, the Hawaiian islands were created by volcanic eruptions, and these eruptions continue today. Each of these documentaries shows the forces responsible for creating the Aloha State.

Secondly, find out about extinct and active volcanoes. Learn how lava helped build the islands as plates moved over erupting vents. Moreover, gain awareness about how these eruptions continue to add land mass to the islands.

Learn about volcanic activity in Hawaii. Also, see powerful video footage of lava.
This NOVA documentary shows viewers how the islands were formed

Hawaii’s HistorF

Firstly, the Hawaiian islands were independent from each other. Secondly, they were united under King Kamehameha. Finally, this coming together story continues to shape Hawaii today. If you’re looking for a historical Hawaii documentary, this one is a great place to start.

Hang Ten Hawaii Documentary

So, you like sports? This gorgeous surfing documentary has jaw-dropping wave footage. For instance, look no further than Surfline’s Six Weeks on the North Shore. Certainly, you’ll be wowed as talented surfers catch powerful waves.

Surf Hawaii documentary
Waikiki Surfing

Firstly, surfing originated in Polynesia. Secondly, it was popularized in Hawaii. Its former name was wave sliding. For example, this documentary will satisfy your need to watch surfers slice through the water with state of the art surfing gear. Certainly, imagine salt spray and sandy skin on a perfect Hawaiian day. Also, enjoy superior wipe out footage.

Hawaii Documentary Explores the Wonders of Nature

Hawaii offers amazing landscapes to enjoy; consequently, this documentary explores them all. You’ll see coral reefs and breathtaking coastlines, and meet graceful sting rays and dolphins. You’ll fly by the Na Pali coast for an aerial view, and enjoy the water cascading down Waimea Canyon. That is to say, this documentary demonstrates why so many people love Hawaii’s natural treasures.

Documentaries Expand Your Knowledge and Stir Up Excitement

Are you looking forward to an upcoming Hawaiian vacation? Do you simply want to learn more about this unique island chain? There is much to know about the landscape, culture, and history Hawaii has to offer. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful colors and amazing footage capturing some of the most beautiful place on Earth.

Not enough for you? You can find even more on Amazon Prime – check this one called A Tour Through Hawaii. Certainly, you should plan to visit whichever island holds the most appeal. Enjoy expanding your knowledge of volcanoes and history in the South Pacific.

Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments below!