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Why Family Vacation in Hawaii is AMAZING!

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Family vacation in Hawaii – You should try it! People from different parts of the world, for one reason love to visit Hawaii. It could be because of its many islands, or because of the rich hawaiian culture and tradition. For some, they just want to explore.

Family Vacation in Hawaii – On Tour with Daniels Hawaii

It has been said that Hawaii is a good place for family vacations. If you’re planning for your next family vacation, Hawaii should be your first choice. Here are a few reasons for your next family vacation in Hawaii:

Experience Hawaii’s Sea Life up Close

This is for families who love the sea and the life in it. There’s a Sea Life Park in Waimanalo, on the east side of Oahu. This park focuses on the education and conservation of Hawaii’s unique marine species. They have trainers who educate people about animals, how they live and how to protect them. There’s also provision for interactive experiences during the tour.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT’S EVEN BETTER? Most of the animals you can see at sea life park, you can also see free, just of the shore or on the beaches of the islands. On tour with Daniels Hawaii you will pass by several spots known for sea turtles, hawaiian monk seals and all kinds of hawaiian wildlife. During season we even stop at a few stops for whale watching!

Come on tour with Daniels Hawaii and explore the REAL Hawaii during your family vacation in Hawaii!

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Undeveloped beauty, Unending Adventure

Family Vacation in Hawaii - Explore Kualoa Ranch
Family Vacation in Hawaii – Explore Kualoa Ranch

The best place to take your family for this experience is Kualoa Ranch. It is a private nature reserve that offers both land and water activities. Located on the east side of the island of Oahu, we pass by the Kualoa Ranch on our way around the island. The Kualoa Ranch offers lots of activities – perfect for the whole family! Activities include horseback riding, jungle jeep tours, kayak trips and so on. Kualoa Ranch has something for every age, for every interest and activity level. Some of the most famous blockbusters were filmed on the Kualoa Ranch: Jurassic Park, Jumanji 2, Kong – Skull Island, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley, Jurassic World, Godzilla and many more to come. Interested in a Jurassic Park Movie Tour?

Culture and Relaxation

Parents usually want plenty of time to relax during vacations. For this to happen, the children need to be occupied with enough activities to keep them busy. Sheraton Waikiki is the perfect place for this.

Parents who love to explore but have children aged 3-12 years can send them to the full or half-day kids program. There’s also daycare for the little ones. Sheraton Waikiki also provides games like PlayStation and books for the children. Families also learn the Polynesian culture like how to play the ukulele and hula dancing. There are also pool and beach activities to enjoy here. The Sheraton in Waikiki is a great spot for your next family vacation in Hawaii.

Learn About Hawaiian History

This is for historians or any family that wants to learn something about history. The best place to visit and learn is Pearl Harbor. It was here the Japanese attacked the Americans and forced them into World War II. It holds a lot of history. Daniels Hawaii is happy to show you the best ways to explore Pearl Harbor. Our experienced guides will tell you important details on your way over to the location. Once arrived at Pearl Harbor your guide will help you to get the tickets and give you very important tips about the premisses. The tips about Pearl Harbor will help you to truly enjoy your Pearl Harbor visit.

Watching for Whales

Whale Watching in Hawaii
Whale Watching in Hawaii

If you plan your vacation between Novembers to May, you should book a spot on a whale watching tour. The Hawaiian Islands are a spot where humpback whales return yearly. There are boat and kayak tours for spotting these massive mammals.  It is an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Whale season is from November until April. Your best bet to see whales is probably in January and February. So if you are visiting Hawaii to see the humpback whales in Hawaii, your family vacation in Hawaii should be in the winter. On your Circle Island Tour with Daniels Hawaii, you will stop at multiple spots to look out for whales. Your tour guide will answer your questions and tell you why the whales come to visit Hawaii every year.