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Sea turtle swims in clear water

Best Spots for Sea Turtles in Hawaii

Best Spots for Sea Turtles in Hawaii Sea turtles are one of the most ancient and mesmerizing creatures alive...
Driving Pali Highway

Pali Lookout & Haunted Highway in Hawaii

Pali Lookout is a MUST STOP during your Hawaii vacation on Oahu. Pali Highway on Oahu is one of the most beautiful...
Enjoy the sunset and yoga in Hawaii

Yoga in Hawaii: Island Enlightenment

People come to Hawaii for many different reasons. Some want to get away from it all, while others want to “find themselves”....
Waikiki beach hotels on the ocean

Even MORE Waikiki Hotels Directly on the Beach

Aloha Vibes: Waikiki Hotels Directly on the Beach So you’re planning your Hawaii vacation and you’ve decided that relaxing...
Best Snorkeling Hawaii

Best Snorkeling in Hawaii

Snorkeling in Hawaii is fun and there's lots to see - fish, turtles, monk seals, dolphins and more. If you love seeing...
The Beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii

Beaches of Waikiki – All you need to know

Waikiki is more than just one long stretch of beach. The beaches of Waikiki have different names and quality. If you plan...
Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki

Kahanamoku Beach – Beaches of Waikiki Series

Kahanamoku Beach is named after the famous Surfer, Waterman, Olympic Medallist, Sheriff and Hawaii Ambassador, Duke Kahanamoku. Duke Kahanamoku is a Hawaiian...

HAWAIIANS LOVE this beach – Best Beaches of Hawaii – Ala Moana Beach

Hawaiians LOVE this beach. Ala Moana Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches on Oahu. Even though a lot of...
Kailua Beach - 2019 Best Beach in America is in Hawaii

Kailua Beach on Oahu – Rated BEST Beach in America 2019

Kailua beach on the east side of Oahu in Hawaii is truly an amazing beach. Not too far from Waikiki Beaches and...
Puaena Beach Best Beaches of Hawaii

Puaena Beach Haleiwa – Turtles & Surf

Walking to Puaena Beach, keep on the left. There is a swing under a tree. Great for pictures or just to relax and look out on the ocean.