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Submarine in Hawaii - USS Bowfin

Going under Water in a Submarine in Hawaii

Going under Water in a Submarine in Hawaii Although the majority of the world's submarines are military, there are some submarines, which are used for...

Snuba Diving Hawaii

https://youtu.be/OrhzMfBIfUs Things to do in Hawaii - Snuba Diving Hawaii Snuba is a combination...

Activities Hawaii – Things to do in Hawaii

https://youtu.be/VHUu0XcLwhc Activities Hawaii - Things To Do in Hawaii You are planning your vacation in Hawaii but you are not...
Rain in Hawaiivideo

Rain in Hawaii- What to do when it rains during your vacation in Hawaii?

Hawaii activities in the rain Especially in winter months, there is often rain in Hawaii, but don’t let it ruin your holiday fun! Here are...

Activities on your Hawaii Vacation

https://youtu.be/prspITobIDI What you must do during your vacation in Hawaii Hawaii offers you unique...

Whale Watching Tour in Hawaii

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2GPZHyz8l8 Whale Watching Hawaii on "Star of Honolulu " Humpback Whale

6 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Hawaii

https://youtu.be/lgcAZzk-hJw Yes, we do have rainy days in Hawaii! Don't let the weather ruin your mood. Here...
Best Golf Courses in Hawaiivideo

Hawaii’s Best Golf Courses

Top 3 Best Golf Courses in Hawaii Hawaii's Best Golf Courses - If you are a golfer, you...
Waialeale Waterfalls Kauai

Biggest Waterfalls in Hawaii – Top 5

Some of the biggest waterfalls in Hawaii are some of the biggest in the world. Hawaii also remains home to some of...
Kailua Beach - 2019 Best Beach in America is in Hawaii

2019 Best Beach in America is in Hawaii

Ever wondered where the best beach in America is? Well every year Dr. Beach comes up with his TOP Beaches in the...