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Where to park a rental car in Waikiki?

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It is not an easy task to find a cheap or free place in Waikiki and Honolulu to park a car during the day and even worse during the night time hours. The cost for parking in the hotels’ lots can potentially break your travel budget. Hotels generally charge from $30 to $50 per night. In this post, we’ll provide the most important and relevant information and tips about the parking in Waikiki that will save you money during your vacation in Hawaii.

There are several things to consider when parking a car in Waikiki

Waikiki Free Parking
Waikiki Free Parking
  1. Parking Meters: Parking meters can cost as much as $1.50 per hour in Waikiki. Meter’s only let you put enough change for 4 hours or less of legal parking, making a soon return back inevitable. However, Honolulu has some nice parking rules: most of the metered spots are free of charge on Sunday.
  2. Street Parking: We we do not recommend to park on the street for several reasons: you are not guaranteed a stall and there are many different rules governing different zones, and if you park where you are not supposed to-expect to have your car ticketed or towed away, which will cost you around $200. Nevertheless, there are some FREE parkings in Waikiki: Ala Moana Beach Park, Ala Wai Canal, Waikiki Shell, Monsarrat Avenue.
  3. Garages and Hotel Parking: Public garages can offer cheaper rates than hotels do, but you are going to have to walk a bit to get there. Hotel parking can be the most convenient, but usually most expensive, option for travelers. The price to park overnight at a hotel often cost more than $30 for one night.

FAQ About Parking in Waikiki

FAQ Waikiki Parking
  • Can I park overnight in the car rental facility parking lots? – Unfortunately NO. The rental companies in Hawaii will not let you use their parking overnight, whether it be your personal car or even an automobile you rented from them.
  • Is it safe to park? – Like in most of the big cities, one problem to be aware of when leaving a car overnight on the street in Honolulu or Waikiki is the potential risk for vandalism or auto theft. Likewise, you need to be very careful and do not leave Valuables in the car, since it can be taken and the windows will be broken.
  • Should I rent a car long term in Hawaii?-We recommend saving money and renting a car for the day and returning it every night. It is safer and you do not need to worry about overnight parking during your Hawaii vacation.