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Hawaii Vacation Preparation – What to take care of before making your booking


Hawaii Vacation Preparation – What to take care of before making your booking

Information that is often forgotten

You decided to go on a Hawaii vacation? Then you should read this and the following articles about the how to prepare for your first Hawaii vacation! We have several tips for you that will answer many questions that will arise during your planning. Before you continue with your preparations for your Hawaii vacation, there are some information worth knowing before you go. This includes your visa, a sim card for your mobile phone and the best time to travel.

Prepare a Visa for Hawaii

For locals from the USA and Canada, the following section is relatively irrelevant. It deals with the visa that tourists need for Hawaii. It is different for Australians. They need an entry permit to enter the USA and Hawaii at all. This is the entry permit ESTA. The form costs $14 and can be applied for online. The entry permit is valid for 2 years, so you can take care of it in time. This way you can avoid unnecessary stress towards the end. Another requirement is of course a valid passport.

Prepare a Sim Card

A Sim Card is of course not absolutely necessary but often very helpful. On the one hand you can use it to orientate yourself when hiking in Hawaii and on the other hand you have the possibility to contact someone in case of an emergency. It’s often the case that you don’t have service at all with your Sim Card. In any case, ask your provider if he can offer you packages so that you have service in the USA. Often such a thing is possible. A further alternative is to order an American Sim Card. For example, you can get such a card on Amazon with different inclusive services and different validity periods.

I encountered this problem while preparing for my Hawaii vacation and did it like this: I ordered such a card from Amazon and put it in an old mobile phone. In the USA I opened a hotspot on the older mobile phone and went in there with my current mobile phone. So I didn’t have to change my mobile phone number for my vacation. But I made sure that the sim card allows hotspots, sometimes this function is disabled.

Travel Time Hawaii

Climate Honolulu Oahu. Click to enlarge.

The travel time plays of course always an important role, if it concerns the preparation for the Hawaii vacation. Basically it is true that in Hawaii the whole year is fantastic weather and there is not “The One” season, in which you make the best vacation in Hawaii. With temperatures ranging from 71 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (22 to 28 degrees Celsius), you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches all year round, go on breathtaking hikes or take a guided tour of the island.

The risk of rain increases during the winter months, but is still only 9 days a month on average. For example, if you’re interested in whale watching or surfing competitions, there are a few months that are especially good for your Hawaii holiday. The table shows you some activities and their best travel times.

Activities and their best travel time.


These tips will help you prepare for your Hawaii vacation. More interesting information will follow in the following articles. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible and take the stress out of planning your Hawaii vacation.

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