What Should I Bring on My Hawaii Vacation?

Are you vacationing in one of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands soon? If so, you’ve probably been looking into the activities you’d like to do while on your vacation. Have you looked into what you need to bring on your vacation? Do you know what you need to bring, or do you need some guidance and suggestions? In either case, DanielsHawaii has a list of helpful items that you may want to bring with you on your Hawaiian vacation!

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In Hawaii, whale watching season usually runs during the months of December to March. During this time period, you can see whales breaching the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific from many places on the islands. Usually, these whales are kind of far off of the shores, so a good item to have in order to see them better is a pair of binoculars! Binoculars can be small enough to carry in your hand or a small bag, which makes them ideal for activities such as whale watching. You’ll certainly want to bring a pair on your trip!

Flip Flops

Locals call flip flops “slippahs”. These shoes are very popular, and most everyone in Hawaii owns at least one pair. They are a very convenient beach shoe because you can easily take them on and off, and you do not have to worry too much about getting them wet or getting sand in them. These shoes can dry relatively quickly and you do not ever have to shake sand out of them! It would be smart to bring a pair of these with you!


Hawaii is quite a sunny location. With the sun being so bright, it is smart to bring eyewear to protect you from the harsh sun. Luckily, sunglasses come in many unique and fun styles. You are sure to find one that fits your personal style, so you can protect your eyes in style!

Reef Safe Sunscreen

In Hawaii, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment. One example of this is sunscreen. Many sunscreens sold on the mainland have ingredients in them that are very harmful for the corals that grow around the Hawaiian Islands. Due to this fact, you must wear sunscreen that is labeled as “reef safe”. These sunscreens do not have the ingredients in them that harm the coral reefs. Bringing reef-safe sunscreen is certainly a good idea!

Hawaiian History Books

Hawaii is a place with tons of interesting history – there are so many places in the island to explore that are chock-full of it! A great way to learn about all of the cool history is to find some Hawaiian history books! These books, written by experts, will give you all the details on some famous sites and some not-as-well-known sites too! Bringing one of these books along with you is a great way to learn about all sorts of cool Hawaiian history!

Hawaii Travel Guide Books

Hawaii is a state made up of many different islands, so there are many places you could visit. Guide books are super helpful here because they have important tourist information (like currency exchange services and public transportation information) as well as recommendations of restaurants, museums, and other activities! Here in Hawaii, there are countless fun activities to do, and by bringing one of these guide books, you can get help to choose the activities that are right for you!

Shaka Guide Self-Guided Tour

Shaka Guide is the place to go for fun, informative, and exciting self-guided tours here in Hawaii! The tours offered by Shaka Guide are some of the most beautiful and most unique places that the islands of Hawaii have to offer, such as volcano parks and the jungles of Hawaii! Each tour is affordable and offers many different narration points to tell you all about the sights you are seeing!

Hawaiian Shirt

The Hawaiian Shirt is one of the most recognizable articles of clothing. If you’re wearing one, everyone knows where you’re going (or where you’ve been) – Hawaii! These fun souvenirs are equal parts fun and iconic. They come in multitudes of patterns and colors, so there is one for everybody!

Reusable Water Bottle

If you are a fan of hiking or being away from the city, this one is especially important. Hawaii can get very hot, and you do not want to be caught far away from drinkable water and get dehydrated. By having a reusable water bottle on you, you can make sure you don’t get dehydrated, and you prevent single-use plastics from getting into the beautiful Hawaiian ocean. Reusable bottles are great, many of them come insulated to help keep your drinks cold for long periods of time, and they also come in many fun colors!

Beach Bag

Hawaii has countless beautiful beaches, and you are certainly going to want to visit one! You’ll also be bringing quite a few things with you to the beach. You’ll likely bring essentials like sunscreen, water, flip flops, and many other things. It would be pretty difficult to carry all of those things around loosely. A beach bag can help you carry everything without hassle! It makes it much easier to keep track of your belongings as well.



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DanielsHawaii provides Private Tours and Semi-Private Small Group Tours in Hawaii. Our experienced Tourguides will show you the REAL Hawaii.


Questions & Reservations?

Please call or text +1 (808) 400-4481 
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