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Shaka Guide – Big Island Self-Guided Tours

a large waterfall in a forest with Akaka Falls State Park in the background

Do you like adventure? Do you want to go on a Big Island tour on your own? Are you unsure of where to start? No worries! We have got you covered! Take a look at Shaka Guide – your online destination for self-guided tours of the Hawaiian Islands!

Shaka Guide

Shaka Guide offers a variety of different self-guided tours on the Big Island. There are five individual tours offered – they range in price from $9.99 to $19.99 – and there is also a tour bundle offered. The bundle is usually $58.98 but as of the time of writing this article, there is a 50% discount on the tour bundle, so it is currently offered at $29.99! 

Photo of ‘Akaka Falls on Big Island by john ko on Unsplash

Best-selling Big Island Tour

The bestselling Big Island tour is their self-guided tour of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This tour is listed at $19.99 and features forty-five different narration spots. The estimated time it will take to complete this tour is between four and six hours.

Additional Tours

There are also three other tours of the Big Island that are offered at the same price point: the North Island Jungle Adventure Loop, the South Island Epic Coastal Journey, and the Kona Big Kahuna Tour. All three of these self-guided tours are offered at $19.99. 

The North Island Jungle Adventure Loop is estimated to take between eight and twelve hours. This tour also features one hundred and fifty-eight different narration spots! This tour will guide you through Waimea Town, Waipio Valley, the Hamakua Coast, Hilo, and also Mauna Kea!

The South Island Epic Coastal Journey Big Island tour is also estimated to take between eight and twelve hours. It also has one hundred and fifty-nine different narration spots! This tour will guide you through Kona, South Point, volcanoes, and Mauna Kea!

The Kona Big Kahuna Tour is estimated to take anywhere from four to six hours to complete. This tour also features eighty-four different narration spots along the route! This Big Island tour will take you along the historical and coastal regions! You can also go snorkeling!

The cheapest tour offered is the Kohala Coast Backcountry Tour! This self-guided Big Island tour is offered at $9.99 and is also estimated to take between four and six hours to complete. This tour will lead you around the Kohala Coast and also the beautiful Waimea. It also features 31 different narration points!

Do you want to book one of these amazing tours? DanielsHawaii has got you covered! Click here to book one of the Big Island self-guided tours!