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whale watching oahu

5 MORE OPEN Attractions on Oahu, RIGHT NOW!

You might have checked our first article about the “TOP 5 OPEN Activities on Oahu, RIGHT NOW“. If not, well, you should check it out right after you read this article here with “5 MORE OPEN Attractions on Oahu, RIGHT NOW!” Open Attractions on Oahu during Covid-19 Waterfalls? Hawaiian Museums? Snorkel with Turtles? Hanauma Bay?…

Whale Watching in Hawaii

Whale Watching in Hawaii Have you tried Whale Watching yet? Every year thousands of humpback whales leave the icy ocean around Alaska during the fall, swimming non-stop 3,000 miles for nearly eight weeks, before reaching their Hawaiian winter home. They arrive here in Hawaii November and going  back to Alaska in April. Interested in going…