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kauai the garden island

Plan a Kauai Vacation

If you want to plan a Kauai vacation, consider the unique aspects the “Garden Island” can offer to Hawaii visitors. From hikes to helicopter rides, and from surfing to sun bathing, there are plenty of reasons to book a relaxing and invigorating trip to Kauai. Most people visiting Kauai will fly into Lihue, a town…

Facts about Kauai: Curious Trivia About The Garden Island

1. Facts about Kauai: Why Kauai is Called “The Garden Island” Rich, tropical rain forests blanket Kauai. This emerald jewel is one of the richest destinations in the South Pacific when it comes to green, lush landscapes. Many of its special treasures are not accessible by road, creating an exclusive, unique experience for those adventurers…