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Sunset Sail Oahu

a small boat in a large body of water

Looking for a sunset sail on Oahu? There are booze cruises and there are sunset sails… and then there is the Hawaiian Sunset Adventure on the Kamoauli. The Kamoauli is a traditional polynesian sailing vessel and the sunset sail on this polynesian sailing canoe is unique and special!

Sunset Sail Oahu
Sunset Sail Oahu

Sunset Sail and Booze Cruises on Oahu

If you like to party, drink and be on a boat to watch the sunset, a booze cruise on Oahu might be the best option for you. There are several sailing canoes right at Waikiki Beach. Manu Kai Catamaran is one of them. You can just walk up to the captain and try to get a seat, but we recommend to make a reservation. Especially the sunset booze cruises are booked way in advance. Make sure to make a reservation in advance! Call Kryssy and tell her “ALOHA from DanielsHawaii”: +1 808 722-2299

Dinner Sunset Cruise

If you like to enjoy a sunset cruise and have dinner instead of just drinks, the Honolulu City Lights Sunset Cruise is the better option. Share an extravagant island-style meal with your special someone amid a stunning ocean landscape. As the setting sun transforms the sky with vivid amber hues, savor your spellbinding surroundings. Enjoy tropical cocktails as you gaze over miles of glistening water and the towering peak of Diamond Head in the distance. This two-hour cruise will remind you of why you came to Hawaii—to experience true paradise! Tickets start at $119

This Sunset Sail is SPECIAL

For everybody that would like to experience Hawaiian Culture during the sunset sail, the Kamoauli is the best vessel. This traditional polynesian sailing canoe is the only one of its kind in Hawaii. It was blessed by the King of Tonga, before it was shipped to Hawaii.

During this ~2 hour sunset sail on Oahu, you learn about Hawaiian culture. A hawaiian Kumu (teacher) is present during the sail. You can ask questions, learn hawaiian board games, help to prepare traditional hawaiian food and chant in hawaiian as the sun goes down.

This is more than just a sunset cruise. The sunset sail on the Kamoauli is a hawaiian adventure!

Island Tour & Sunset Sail (2 in 1)

Captain Rob and his crew are happy to sail with you. Daniels Hawaii and Kamoauli have been working together for some time. We here at Daniels Hawaii believe the sunset sail on the Kamoauli is a perfect way to end a day.

DanielsHawaii is the only tour company in Hawaii offering a 2 in 1 experience with the Kamoauli!

Captain Rob

Come on tour around the island with Daniels Hawaii during the day. Let us show you the best, most beautiful and most popular spots on a 6-7 hour small group island tour.

After the tour, we drop you off at the harbor where Captain Rob and his crew will take over. They will welcome you aboard the Kamoauli and take you on a sunset sail along the beautiful coast of Oahu.

Learn about Waikiki, hawaiian culture and chant in hawaiian with a hawaiian teacher as the sun sets. Book the

30% off if you book through DanielsHawaii

If you like to experience the sunset sail on the Kamoauli, please feel free to book through their website. With the code DanielsHI, you will get 30% discount on your booking.