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Hurricane Calvin Approaches Hawaii: Preparedness Measures for Residents


As Hurricane Calvin approaches the Hawaiian Islands, residents must take proactive steps to ensure their safety and minimize potential damage. This article provides essential information on how people in Hawaii can prepare for the impending storm, allowing them to face the hurricane with readiness and resilience.

1. Stay Informed

Monitor updates from the National Weather Service and local authorities to stay informed about the storm’s trajectory, intensity, and potential impacts. Pay attention to evacuation orders, emergency alerts, and weather bulletins. Radio broadcasts, TV news, official websites, and smartphone apps are valuable sources of information. Stay connected with friends and neighbors to share updates and help each other stay informed.

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2. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Assemble an emergency kit that includes essential supplies such as non-perishable food, water, batteries, flashlights, a first aid kit, prescription medications, a battery-powered radio, and a manual can opener.

Gather important documents, cash, and copies of identification in a waterproof container. Ensure you have enough supplies to sustain your household for at least three days.

3. Secure Your Property

Protect your property by securing loose items outside, trimming trees and shrubs, and reinforcing windows and doors. Consider installing hurricane shutters or boarding up windows with plywood. Clear gutters and drains to prevent flooding.

Move outdoor furniture, potted plants, and other items that could become projectiles during strong winds. Secure or bring inside any bicycles, grills, or other objects that could be carried away by gusts.

4. Develop an Evacuation Plan

Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes and shelter locations in your area. Plan how you will reach a safe location and have a backup plan if primary routes are impassable. If instructed to evacuate, follow the guidance of local authorities promptly. Arrange transportation in advance, and consider the needs of pets or individuals with special requirements. Share your evacuation plan with family members or trusted friends.

Prepare for a Hurricane in Hawaii

Preparing for Hurricane Calvin in Hawaii requires proactive measures and staying informed about the storm’s progression. By monitoring updates, assembling emergency kits, securing property, and developing evacuation plans, residents can enhance their safety and readiness. Remember, taking necessary precautions can help mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of individuals and communities during severe weather events.