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Looking for Acai Bowls on Oahu? Acai bowls are made from fresh acai berries. The frozen berries are blended and also topped with fruits to give you a refreshing taste. In the past, the Amazon was certainly the only place were acai berries grew. During the 1970s, transporters moved the berries to Brazil where it was made famous by Carlos Gracie. 

Best Acai Bowl in Hawaii
Best Acai Bowl in Hawaii

To this day, acai bowls remain one of the certainly most sought after dishes in Oahu. Visitors who visit Hawaii always seek to have a taste of this certainly refreshing delicacy. Here is our Top 5 places to get an Acai Bowls on Oahu:

1. Hawaiian Aroma Caffe

Hawaiian Aroma Cafe remains one of the favorite places to get an acai bowl. The Hawaiian Aroma cafe has four different locations across Honolulu. Find all of their locations.

The Hawaiian Aroma cafe also offers one of the best coffees in Honolulu. You can get an acai bowl topped with kiwi, mango, pineapple, and also crunchy granola. You can also add coconut and banana toppings to your açaí bowl. The açaí bowl from the Aroma Cafe will surely get you hooked for a long time. 

2. The Nalu Health Bar & Cafe

The Nalu Health Bar & Cafe is another great place to get an amazing açaí bowl. Nalu Health Bar & Cafe has three locations, one in Kailua, one in Haleiwa and also one in Honolulu. Nalu bar & cafe offers 100% pure and organic Açaí berries. This place is perfect to visit if you want to try one of the best Acai Bowls on Oahu.

In the Nalu cafe, you can get an açaí bowl topped with bee pollen, honey, and blueberries. Some residents claim that the acai bowls from Nalu are second only to that of the Hawaiian Aroma cafe. Great Service – You can eve order online!

3. Well + Proper

Well + proper is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a refreshing açaí bowl. This açaí store is located downtown in Honolulu. Locals love it and especially during lunch time it gets crowded. Perfect light lunch or breakfast for the people working in Downtown Honolulu. This store offers one of the best homemade granolas. Check them out on YELP!

4. The Sunrise Shack

The sunrise shack is a lemonade stand that also sells Açaí bowls. This eatery is located on the sunset beach of North Shore. The sunrise shack has amazing varieties of Açaí bowls to choose from. You can get an Açaí bowl topped with shaved coconut, apple banana, and also granola. Additionally, you can also decide to add a pink dragon fruit sauce to top it off. The Açaí bowls from sunrise shack happen to be one of the most expensive bowls in Hawaii. The Sunrise Shack is also a very famous Instagram Location.

5. Kokonuts Shave Ice & Snacks

Located in Hawaii Kai, about 20 minute drive from Waikiki, you find Kokonuts Shave Ice & Snack. Hawaii Kai has no tourism, so you know this is a place where locals go to. Kokonuts Shave ice & Snacks is another great place to buy and enjoy your açaí bowl. This açaí bowl shop is number four on our top five list. This store is easy to navigate and find in Oahu.One of the best açaí bowls you can get from this store is the Acai Supreme With soy milk. This açaí bowl comes with honey, organic granola, bananas, and so many other topping options. They also serve shave ice and different other snacks.

Shave Ice in Hawaii

Do it yourself – Make your own Acai Bowl at home

Want to make your own Smoothie or Acai Bowl? Find some great recipe books for Smoothies and Acai Bowls on Amazon!