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Sunscreen ban in Hawaii – All important information about the new ban of sunscreen

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All important information about the sunscreen ban in Hawaii

Lately there are more and more news headlines with “Sunscreen Ban in Hawaii”, but is that really true and how can you protect yourself from UV radiation?

Climate in Hawaii

Hawaii has a tropical climate with year round warm temperatures. The annual average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius. In summer there are up to 10 hours of sunshine and even in wintertime there are still up to 7 hours of sunshine in Honolulu. Therefore, Hawaii is a popular destination to escape the cold temperatures in colder countries in autumn and winter.

Sunlight in Hawaii

Because Hawaii is near the equator, the sun’s rays are intense. You should avoid the direct sun especially at noon. But even if it is cloudy, you should keep in mind that the UV rays get through anyway and you can still get a sunburn.

But how can you protect yourself if there is a sunscreen ban in Hawaii?

Sunscreen ban in Hawaii

Hawaii is the first US state that prohibits the use and sale of certain sunscreen from 2021 onwards. But don’t worry, you don’t have to sit in the hotel all day or get burned in the sun! It’s ONLY the sunscreen banned, which contains the active ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate.

Why was the sunscreen ban adopted in Hawaii?

coral reef dying

Scientists have found that the two active ingredients in the sunscreen can cause coral bleaching (coral reef dying) and also lead to an ecological imbalance of the sea. Coral reefs are also of great importance for tourism. On the one hand they attract tourists for diving and snorkeling and on the other hand they also protect the beaches from the strong ocean waves, such as on Waikiki Beach. Every year around 14,000 tons of sunscreen land in the sea.

Sunscreen without oxybenzone and octinoxate:

In Europe, you will find many sunscreens without the active ingredients, because they can also be harmful to the skin and the hormone balance.

However, if you really want to protect the environment, you should use biodegradable sunscreen. Another alternative is UV protective clothing, these are available in all possible variations.

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