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Hawaii Vacation Planning – Questions Answered

Shore Excursions Oahu

Do you have any questions about your vacation in Hawaii?

When you start planning your vacation here in Hawaii, I guess lots of questions come to your mind and  I would like to answer some of them! 

First of all, the capital Honolulu has just become a big city with approximately 370,000 people living there all year around.

Hawaii Question 1: Where can I learn more about the Polynesian cultures?

Answer: At the Polynesian Culture Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a good place to explore Polynesian cultures from Hawaii, Tahiti and New Zealand. There, you will see, how people used to cook, eat or hunt in the past. In addition, you learn a lot about their former kings and history as well. You can also watch there some traditional Polynesian shows. 

In the evening, there is a also an event called “Hā: Breath of Life”, the biggest Polynesian show in the world, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records!

Polynesian Cultural Center Hawaii

Ha: Breath of Life // source: Kam Family Blog

Hawaii Question 2: How many wives can I have in Hawaii? How do Mormons live in Hawaii?

Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon. They have settled about 170 years ago at the North Shore, where they also have their own temple.

Mormons have strict rules by which they live.

They don’t drink alcohol or coffee and they don’t work on Sundays. Usually Mormons are known to have up to seven wives. However nowadays, this is rather rare and Mormons have only one wife.

Hawaii Question 3: Why do power lines block the beautiful view in Hawaii?

Power lines in Hawaii often block the beautiful views.

In Hawaii, you can often see ugly power lines in the most beautiful areas. Why aren’t these lines build underground?

For one thing, the overhead power lines are easy to fix, because you can easily notice, where they are damaged. Secondly, it is convenient to build them.

If you would put the power lines underground, it would cost five times more money. It’s not worth it, because there are only few hurricanes on the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii Question 4: Which campground on the North Shore is beautiful? + Hawaii Question 5: How much is camping in Hawaii?

Answer: Mālaekahana State Park

Mālaekahana State Park is a very nice campground on Oahu. It is very well maintained with clean sanitary facilities. I would recommend this campground to anyone, who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on hotels! You can rent a campsite on for $18 per night. Many people, who live in Waikiki like to come to this campground during the weekend or on vacation to escape the “Big City Life”.

Hawaii Questions 6: What is Goat Island?

Answer: A Flat Island

Goat Island, also known as Moku’auia, is a 13 acres small, flat island in Laie Bay on the northeast shore of Oahu. You can see the island when you are at Mālaekahana State Park.

In the past, people brought goats to the island and let them run free. Whenever they needed meat, they went over there and got themselves a goat.

Hawaii Question 7: Where can I find the cheapest flights to Hawaii?

Flights to Hawaii

You can get cheap flights on „Google Flights“ where you will find prices of different airlines. Click on the price and then you will be redirected to the airline’s website.

Hawaii Question 8: What should you consider when you do island hopping? Which island is the best?

Island Hopping

white and blue passenger airplane aerial photography

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on

I would definitely recommend especially if you stay longer in Hawaii. A flight cost about $140-180, but it also depends on the departure times. In the morning, it is often more expensive, as this is the busiest time. The flight takes about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on which island you fly to. Also remember, that half a day is lost of your precious vacation time by driving to the airport, check in, flight, car rental etc. You can’t answer the question which island is the best, because all the islands have its own different character.

Hawaii Question 9: History – How did Hawaii become a part of the United States?

Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state of the United States of America since August 21, 1959.

Hawaii has the only royal palace in the entire United States. Before Hawaii became a

artistic cloth design flag

Photo by Miesha Moriniere on

part of America, it was a kingdom for a long time. Since the 19th century, many Americans have been in Hawaii and have made quite a lot of money with the export of pineapple and sugar cane from Hawaii to the mainland. However, the taxes were very expensive and  the business people realized if Hawaii would become another state of the US, they would not have to pay those taxes. Therefore, one day they went to the Queen of Hawaii “Liliuokalani” and represented her two options:

First: That they would kill her and the people and take over Hawaii and 

Second: That she can sign a document stating that Hawaii is no longer a monarchy, but a republic and that Hawaii is now declared a territory of the United States.

The Queen finally chose the second option and signed the document. However, she hoped that President Cleveland would not accept the document because they had a good relationship and the deal was illegal.

Indeed, President Cleveland rejected the document but a few years later the document was offered to the 25th President of the USA. President McKinley recognized how important Hawaii is for the military and the business people. He finally took the document and forced the queen to resign. Therefore, many Hawaiians say that they were forced to become citizens of the United States.

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