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Activities Hawaii

Hawaii Activities and Vacation Planning

You planned your Hawaii Vacation and now you want to know the best things to do in Hawaii? Our team at DanielsHawaii can help you with tours in Hawaii! We know the hawaiian islands and are happy to help you with activities in Hawaii. We can help you with activities on all the hawaiian islands.


The gathering place. Definitely the busiest of the hawaiian islands. Lots of great activities

Movie Tour Hawaii
Movie Tour Hawaii

to do on Oahu. Check out these great activities on Oahu: Snorkeling Hanauma Bay, Hike Koko Head, Oahu Circle Island Tour, Swim with Dolphins or enjoy a Movie Tour on Oahu.Interested in Movies that were filmed in Hawaii? Movies like Jurassic Park, Jumanji 2, Godzilla and many more were filmed on the Kualoa Ranch on the east side of Oahu.

Take the Kualoa Ranch Movie Tour to check out some of the most famous Movie Sights in Hawaii.

Road to Hana Maui Tour
Road to Hana Maui Tour


The Road to Hana is by far the most popular thing to do on Maui. With more than 620 curves on this road it is recommended to go on a guided Road to Hana tour.

Another great thing to do on Maui is the sunrise on the Haleakala. Make sure you buy your tickets for the state park well in advance. Reserve Tickets for Haleakala.


Kauai Helicopter Flight
Kauai Helicopter Flight

The garden island where more than 85% of the land mass is untouched. Enjoy the beautiful view out of a helicopter and explore this green island in Hawaii. Come on tour on Kauai with DanielsHawaii. Enjoy some of the most beautiful spots on the island and explore the island of Kauai in a helicopter – a life changing event.

Hawaii, The Big Island

If there is ONE thing that you have to do on the Big Island than it’s a tour to the volcano.

Tour to Active Volcano Hawaii
Tour to Active Volcano Hawaii

Make sure to check out the active volcano in Hawaii. Here is a hike to the volcano on the Big Island. For a spectacular view into the Kilauea you should fly in a helicopter over the active volcano.

If you like to tour the beautiful Island of Hawaii, make sure to check out this tour on the Big Island.

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